APEGA Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion Award

This award is presented to an individual, team, or organization that supports women in engineering and geoscience with diversity initiatives and inspirational support.

Nominations for the 2024 Summit Awards have closed. Next year's nominations will open summer 2024. 

Join us April 25, 2024 at the Summit Awards Gala to find out who this year's recipients are.

Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion Award Criteria

Nominations are evaluated and scored for up to 100 points. Be sure to write your nomination to address as much of these criteria as possible for the best chance at being selected.

  1. Stature and Recognition as a role model or respected corporate citizen (50 Points)
  2. Service to the profession (30 points)
  3. Service to the community (10 points)
  4. Work-Related Achievements (10 points)
  5. Personal and General Information (Not Scored)


Nominating Someone for an Award

APEGA relies on its members and permit holders, and even the public, to nominate outstanding individuals in the professions. Nomination is always free, and you can submit as many nominations as you like. 

You can take up to 30 days to get your nomination submitted using the Save & Resume button at the bottom of each page of the nomination form.

Get tips on writing a great nomination, and how we assess nominations

Download a Word document template if you'd rather work offline

Email [email protected] if you need more help or have any questions

What does it take be a Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion Award recipient?

Here are some of our Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion award recipients. Explore their profiles to learn what it takes to receive the award.

Ms. Nannette Ho-Covernton, P.Eng.

2024 Recipient

Alberta Women’s Science Network Equitable Scholarship Program

2023 Recipient

Qiao Sun, P.Eng., PhD., FCAE

2022 Recipient

Ania Ulrich, P.Eng., PhD

2020 Recipient