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  • Edmonton – APEGA supports the innovation and diversification of Alberta’s economy, including the technology and software sectors. Engineers have always been key partners in such innovation and have helped provide Albertans with their high quality of life while ensuring their safety.

    The term engineer comes with a licensed and ethical set of responsibilities and accountabilities. This is the same for other regulated professions, such as the health and legal professions.

    “You would not want someone to operate on you in the province if they are not licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. By that same token, you do not want someone designing your pacemaker or self-driving car if they are not a licensed engineer. That puts people’s lives at risk—something APEGA takes very seriously,” said Jay Nagendran, APEGA registrar and chief executive officer.

    Software engineering is a nationally and internationally recognized discipline of engineering. Across Canada, engineering requires extensive education and training, and individuals must be licensed to call themselves an engineer. It is different from software programming and development, which are not regulated. In Alberta, major technology companies, including DeepMind (Google), Dell EMC and Cloudexa Technology Inc. understand this differentiation and have changed how they title their software positions.

    With the ongoing advancements of technology and with increasing delegation of decision-making to artificial intelligence and software, the risk to public safety continues to be of primary importance, and there continues to be a need for regulation of software engineering and use of the engineering title. Any exception to the use of the title engineer will set a dangerous precedent and put the lives of Albertans at risk.

    APEGA remains committed to being a constructive partner in the conversation regarding oversight of the computer engineering profession. We look forward to working with the province and industry to find common ground to protect public safety, grow our economy and ensure professionals who use the term engineer are accountable and regulated.

    As the regulator of the engineering and geoscience professions in Alberta for more than 100 years, APEGA protects the health, safety and welfare of Albertans from unprofessional and unethical practice. We are the largest regulator of self-regulated professionals in Western Canada, with nearly 70,000 registrants who safeguard the public welfare and contribute significantly to Alberta’s economic success and quality of life.

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  • Edmonton – A joint working group of the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA), with support from Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council (the Council), has updated the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition (ABC) schedules and created a user guide to assist stakeholders.

    “APEGA is pleased to have been part of such a successful collaboration with AAA, the Council and Alberta Municipal Affairs. We believe this collaboration will significantly contribute to the public interest through safer building projects being completed in a more cost- and time-effective manner,” said Jay Nagendran, APEGA’s registrar and chief executive officer.  

    “AAA is delighted to have worked collaboratively with Alberta Municipal Affairs, APEGA and the Safety Codes Council to refresh the ABC schedules and develop a companion guide that will bring greater clarity to the roles and responsibilities of the users of these schedules. We are confident that these documents will be well received and will ultimately enhance public safety,” said Barbara Bruce, executive director of AAA.

    Over the next several months, APEGA and AAA will provide education sessions, supported by Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council, for its members and other stakeholders prior to Alberta Municipal Affairs issuing a STANDATA to permit the use of the updated schedules.

    “The Council congratulates and thanks both AAA and APEGA for all their work on developing the new building schedules. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with these organizations and Municipal Affairs to ensure that all those involved in the building industry continue to work together. Copies of the schedules will be made available on our website when they come into force,” said Amina Deiab, president and chief executive officer of the Safety Codes Council.

    The schedules track the legislated responsibilities of professional engineers and registered architects involved in Alberta building projects, as defined in the National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition, the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, the Safety Codes Act and the Architects Act.

    In place since the mid-1990s, the schedules needed modernizing to better protect the public. A key issue was inconsistent interpretation of the schedules by owners, constructors, contractors, registered architects, licensed interior designers, professional engineers, safety codes officers and the public.

    Established in 1920, APEGA regulates the practices of engineering and geoscience to serve the public interest in Alberta. 

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  • Edmonton The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) is proud to announce that Lisa Doig, P.Eng., will become APEGA’s 103rd president at the 2022 annual general meeting (AGM) on Friday, April 22.

    Doig, a professional engineer, has extensive career experience spanning multiple industries, including petrochemical, upstream exploration and production, pipelines, electricity, and downstream oil and gas. She is passionate about clean technology, new technology and innovation, and has helped companies commercialize ideas in those areas.

    Doig will lead APEGA’s executive committee of council, which comprises newly elected president-elect Manon Plante, P.Eng.; newly elected vice-president Tracey Stock, P.Eng.; and current president Brian Pearse, P.Eng., who will transition into the role of past-president at the AGM.

    APEGA also welcomes re-elected councillors Walter Kozak, P.Eng., and Jason Vanderzwaag, P.Eng., and newly elected councillors Lorna Harron, P.Eng.; Dean Mullin, P.Eng.; and Wendy Shier, P.Geo. Vanderzwaag will serve a one-year term to fill the vacancy caused by Stock becoming vice-president.

    They will join their colleagues who are continuing their terms: Margaret Allan, P.Eng., P.Geo.; Darren Hardy, P.Eng.; RaeAnne Leach, P.Eng.; Theresa Watson, P.Eng.; Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve, P.Eng.; Seema Makwana, P.Eng.; and Victoria Wishart, P.Eng.

    APEGA thanks outgoing councillors David Johnson, P.Geo., and Geoffrey Kneller, P.Eng., whose terms expire on April 22 at the AGM.

    Established in 1920, APEGA is responsible for regulating the practices of engineering and geoscience in the province of Alberta.



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