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  • Edmonton – The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) is proud to announce that Brian Pearse, P.Eng., will become APEGA’s 102nd president at the 2021 annual general meeting (AGM) on Friday, April 23.

    Pearse, a professional engineer, brings to APEGA more than 30 years’ experience from a broad range of roles during his career, including surveyor, design engineer, project manager, and CEO. He currently shares his expertise with the Canadian Indigenous Collaborative on project completions. In addition, Pearse’s former roles as APEGA vice-president and councillor will provide sound governance and strategic insight.

    Pearse will lead APEGA’s executive committee of council, which comprises newly elected president-elect Lisa Doig, P.Eng.; newly elected vice-president Manon Plante, P.Eng.; and current president John Van der Put, P.Eng., who will transition into the role of past-president at the AGM.

    APEGA also welcomes re-elected councillor Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve, P.Eng., and newly elected councillors Seema Makwana, P.Eng.; Victoria Wishart, P.Eng.; and Tracey Stock, P.Eng. Geoffrey Kneller, P.Eng., will serve a one-year term to fill the vacancy caused by Plante becoming vice-president.

    They will join their colleagues who are continuing their terms: David Johnson, P.Geo.; Melanie Popp, P.Eng.; Jason Vanderzwaag, P.Eng.; Margaret Allan, P.Eng., P.Geo.; Darren Hardy, P.Eng.; RaeAnne Leach, P.Eng.; and Theresa Watson, P.Eng.

    APEGA thanks outgoing councillors Jennifer Enns, P.Eng.; Tim Hohm, P.Eng.; and Walter Kozak, P.Eng., whose terms expire on April 23 at the AGM.

    Established in 1920, APEGA is responsible for regulating the practices of engineering and geoscience in the province of Alberta.

  • Edmonton – Through the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (EGP Act), APEGA has the authority to investigate unprofessional conduct and unskilled practice for engineering and geoscience in Alberta. However, the EGP Act does not permit APEGA to fully disclose the status of ongoing investigations.

    APEGA has worked with the government of Alberta and submitted updates to the Act. Included are changes that will allow APEGA greater transparency in reporting whether investigations have been initiated. APEGA is hopeful that the updated legislation will be passed later this year.

    “We continue to see real-world cases that can put the Alberta public at risk. This is why it is critical that our submission to the government to modernize the EGP Act is passed,” states Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., APEGA's registrar and chief executive officer.

    APEGA also monitors the decisions of other regulators for mention of our registrants. “When we become aware of those findings, we act,” says Matthew Oliver, P.Eng., APEGA’s deputy registrar and chief regulatory officer. “In protecting the public welfare, we take very seriously any action that violates the trust of the professions.”

    For more information on our recommended legislative changes to the Act, visit APEGA Legislative Review.

    Established in 1920, APEGA is responsible for regulating the practices of engineering and geoscience in the province of Alberta.

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