Responsible Members

An APEGA Permit to Practice allows companies to practise engineering and geoscience in Alberta. One of the requirements of a Permit to Practice is having an APEGA professional member as the company’s Responsible Member.

The Responsible Member must be an active APEGA licence holder (professional member, professional licensee, or licensee) of good standing.

APEGA recommends that a company have at least one Responsible Member for:

  • each profession (e.g., one for engineering and one for geoscience)
  • each geographical region
  • roughly every 10 APEGA members (including members-in-training)


 The Responsible Member:

  • provides overall direction and is responsible for the quality control program under which members practise the professions of engineering and geoscience
  • provides direction to and personal supervision of the engineering and geoscience practices performed on behalf of the company
  • regulates the practices within the company and is aware of the legal obligations and any legislative changes
  • works with the company Chief Operating Officer to create a Professional Practice Management Plan
  • holds a position of authority to ensure any practice occurring on behalf of the company meets APEGA’s ethical, professional, and technical standards
  • validates authenticated documents

Did you know?

We've updated the practice standard on authenticating documents. APEGA will enforce the new standard starting November 1, 2020.

Find out about the new standard

Becoming or Ceasing to be a Responsible Member

If you have been designated as a Responsible Member, the designating company must add you through the Company Self-Service Centre (CSSC). Once the company has added you, you will be notified by email and will be required to complete the attached Responsible Member declaration form. This completed and signed form can be sent to [email protected] for approval.

If you wish to cease being a Responsible Member, this can be changed in the CSSC or by emailing [email protected].

Permit to Practice Seminars

APEGA has developed the Permit to Practice seminar to inform Responsible Members of their duties and of how to create a Professional Practice Management Plan.

Responsible Members (RMs) must complete the Permit to Practice seminar:

  • within six months of being approved as an RM, unless they have already taken the seminar within the last 5 years
  • within five years of the their last seminar date as documented in APEGA’s records

APEGA offers the Permit to Practice seminar in two formats:

  • self-directed learning module
  • facilitated live webinar

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