Responsible Members

An APEGA Permit to Practice allows companies to practise engineering and geoscience in Alberta. One of the requirements of a Permit to Practice is having an APEGA licensed professional as the company’s Responsible Member (RM).

An APEGA Responsible Member must be:

  • an APEGA practising licensed professional (professional member, professional licensee, or licensee) in good standing
  • qualified by education and experience in the field of engineering or geoscience the company's Permit to Practice engages in

APEGA recommends a ratio of one Responsible Member to 10 licensed professionals, members-in-training, and other individuals contributing to the practice of engineering or geoscience.

Responsible Member Obligations

Responsible Members must:

  • create or revise the PPMP if assigned to do so by the senior officer
  • ensure the PPMP is appropriate to the permit holder’s professional practice
  • follow the PPMP and ensure licensed professionals and others who are contributing to the practices of engineering and geoscience are trained on how to use it
  • be accountable, on behalf of the permit holder, for the quality control and assurance processes under which licensed professionals practise engineering and geoscience
  • ensure all engineering and geoscience work performed on behalf of the permit holder is authenticated and validated in accordance with APEGA practice standards and bulletins
  • be accountable, on behalf of the permit holder, to ensure that all engineering and geoscience work associated with the organization abides by all applicable statutes, regulations, bylaws, and standards, which include those that APEGA enforces
  • respond to requests from APEGA within the timeline given (APEGA Bylaw 32.1)
  • notify the senior officer if they can no longer carry out the duties of a Responsible Member
  • notify APEGA if they are no longer acting as a Responsible Member for the permit holder

Permit to Practice Stamps

If you are a Responsible Member and want to order a physical Permit to Practice stamp or electronic image of a Permit to Practice stamp, you may do so through our current stamp supplier, Royal Rubber Stamp & Sign Co. Submit your stamp order through their website or by calling 1-800-272-8859. For questions, please email [email protected].

Order Permit to Practice Stamps through Royal Rubber

Permit to Practice Seminar

APEGA has developed the Permit to Practice seminar to inform Responsible Members of their obligations and of how to create a Professional Practice Management Plan.

Responsible Members (RMs) must complete the Permit to Practice seminar:

  • within six months of being approved as an RM, unless they have already taken the seminar within the last 5 years
  • within five years of the their last seminar date as documented in APEGA’s records

APEGA offers the Permit to Practice seminar in two formats:

  • self-directed learning module
  • facilitated live webinar

View Permit to Practice Seminar Options

Adding a Responsible Member

If you have been designated as a Responsible Member, the permit holder must add you through their company myAPEGA account. Only the senior officer and those designated to manage registrants for the permit can add Responsible Members in the myAPEGA portal.  

Once the company has added you, you will be notified through your individual myAPEGA account and will be required to complete the online Responsible Member declaration form.

Removing a Responsible Member

Permit holders can remove Responsible Members from a company’s Permit to Practice within myAPEGA. Questions can be emailed to the Permits Department at [email protected].

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