APEGA's Good Standing Policy

Maintaining good standing with APEGA is a core component of self-regulation and compliance with the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act. To help us demonstrate regulatory excellence, it’s important that you understand and manage all of your regulatory and ethical obligations. 

What is APEGA's Good Standing Policy?

In late 2019, Council approved a policy to provide a consistent and clear interpretation of what it means to be in good standing with APEGA. APEGA's registrar and chief executive officer determines good-standing status.

The new policy applies to:

  • professional members
  • professional licensees
  • licensees
  • life members
  • members-in-training
  • permit holders

Read the full Good Standing Policy (PDF)

To remain in good standing with APEGA, you must meet the following criteria.


Financial Obligations Paid

All financial obligations are paid on time and in full as required by APEGA.


Orders Served & Discharged

All orders issued by a statutory board, committee, or Council against you have been fully served and discharged or removed by APEGA.


CPD Compliant

Fully compliant with APEGA’s Continuing Professional Development Program.


EGP Act Compliant

Fully compliant with the requirements of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and General Regulation, as well as APEGA’s bylaws and professional practice standards, bulletins, and guidelines.

Why good standing matters

Engineers and geoscientists in Alberta enjoy high levels of perceived trustworthiness. Part of this can be attributed to our system of self-regulation that ensures our work is continually being called to account before our peers. Safe and reliable professionals take their standing with their regulator seriously. As one of the many members or permit holders in good standing, thank you for your commitment to ensuring the success of self-regulation and securing the public trust.

Consequences of not being in good standing 

If APEGA determines that you are not in good standing, you will enter a cautionary period during which APEGA will work with you to resolve any outstanding regulatory obligations as efficiently as possible. During this period, your practice rights are not impacted, but this can affect some privileges, such as your ability to become a Responsible Member or to volunteer on statutory boards and committees. However, if you are unable to meet outlined regulatory obligations within the allotted time, there will be additional consequences applied that will impact your practice rights. 

At the same time, through the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, APEGA is obligated to share information on the current standing of licensed professionals and permit holders. This means that your standing can be shared with your employer, your customers, and with members of the public.

APEGA is here to help 

Although there must be consequences for non-compliance with regulatory and ethical obligations to help safeguard public safety, APEGA’s priorities are to work with you to help you understand your obligations, to prevent you from falling out of good standing, or to assist you to get back into good standing, when required. APEGA is working to develop a suite of enabling tools to provide clarity and to make it easier to identify when you are trending in the wrong direction and to help get you back on track when needed. As always, APEGA staff is here to address the comments, questions, and concerns of our membership.

Further Reading

All good standing requests must be received by email.

  • For information on whether a member is in good standing, please email [email protected].
  • For information on whether a permit holder is in good standing, please email [email protected].