To appeal a decision, complete the Request for Appeal form below. When looking at appeals, the APEGA Appeal Board decides if an APEGA statutory board or committee used a fair process and made a reasonable decision. 


Appeal Process

A panel of professional engineers and professional geoscientists from the Appeal Board hears appeals for decisions made by APEGA's statutory boards and committees. Appeal hearings are open to the public, except for Section 32 appeals, which are closed.

At the appeal hearing, the person making the appeal (called the appellant) and any members named in the decision under the appeal have the following options and restrictions: 

Appellants & Members Can
  • be present
  • make statements to the Appeal Board panel
  • have legal counsel represent them 
Appellants & Members Cannot
  • cross-examine each other

Once a hearing is over, the Appeal Board panel makes its decision, which is sent in writing to the appellant and any named members.

The Appeal Board hears appeals of decisions from the following boards and committees