Discipline Decisions & Orders

APEGA members and permit holders are required to practise engineering and geoscience skilfully, ethically, and professionally. They must meet all prescribed requirements and follow all applicable legislation and regulations.

Ensuring that members and permit holders are disciplined when they fail to meet these obligations is critical to APEGA's success as a regulator. Investigation and enforcement—followed by, when necessary, judgement based on a fair hearing of the facts—are requirements of ours in service to the public interest.

This page lists the last five years of discipline decisions and recommended discipline orders (formerly called stipulated orders). Recent decisions and orders are published below. In some instances, names and other identifying information are removed as per the order.

Requests for further information on discipline decisions should be made to the APEGA Discipline department at [email protected] or by phoning the APEGA Edmonton office at 1-800-661-7020 and asking for the Discipline department.

Please note: An asterisk (*) denotes a new decision posted on the website.

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