Branches serve an important role and are an integral part of APEGA operations. Branches function as a conduit between APEGA’s Council and staff and the APEGA members in various geographic regions of Alberta.

APEGA has 10 branches. Visit the branch in your area for information on branch activities. Each branch lists the surrounding communities that are included. 

  1. Calgary
  2. Central Alberta
  3. Edmonton
  4. Fort McMurray
  5. Lakeland
  6. Lethbridge
  7. Medicine Hat
  8. Peace Region
  9. Vermilion River
  10. Yellowhead

For any inquiries related to branches in general, please contact us at [email protected].

Branch Executive Applications Are Open

APEGA is seeking applicants for its branch executive committees for the 2024 term.

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Branch Executive

APEGA’s branch executive committees are an integral part of APEGA operations and are governed by the branch manual. The committee includes up to 15 appointed volunteers, including members-at-large and five core positions: chair, past-chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary. The branch chair is responsible for running the branch. To ensure consistency among branches, chairs from all branches meet quarterly to discuss branch governance and business.

Role of Branches

  • Advance APEGA’s strategic initiatives.
  • Enhance the profile of the professions in local communities.
  • Positively affect the professions' ability to serve the public interest.
  • Act as the voice of members by providing feedback to APEGA Council and staff on matters about the professions.
  • Provide the voice of APEGA to members.

Branch Activities

Each branch holds activities during the year for its members, including:

  • networking events
  • golf tournaments
  • professional development
  • annual visits by the President
  • industry tours
  • science olympics  

Visit our events calendar to register for branch or APEGA events.