Contact Information

If your contact information has changed, please update your member record in myAPEGA. You will need your APEGA ID or email on file with APEGA and account password. If you have forgotten those, you can contact APEGA.

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Name Changes

If you have legally changed your name, you can request that your new name appear in our records by completing a name change form on myAPEGA. There is no charge for this service.

You will need the following:

  • your APEGA ID number
  • a copy of your marriage certificate, legal name-change certificate, or birth certificate (if returning to your birth name)

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Practice Status Changes

If you are a licensed professional who is not practising engineering or geoscience, you can submit a non-practising declaration in myAPEGA. This declaration is valid for one year from the date received and can be renewed for additional years as part of the annual declaration when you renew your membership. Non-practising members must continue to pay their annual dues, but they are not required to maintain their continuing professional development hours.

Note: While non-practising, you can keep your current professional title. However, you are not allowed to independently practise engineering or geoscience or be a Responsible Member in Alberta.

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Resuming Practice

If you are ready to resume your practice, you must first notify APEGA by submitting a resumption form to  [email protected]Members cannot resume practice until the Practice Review Board has approved the request.

Download the Application for Permission to Resume Practice Form (PDF)

Change to Professional Licensee Defined Scope of Practice

To apply for a new Defined Scope of Practice (DSOP), you must be a current professional licensee registered with APEGA. You must also have a minimum of two years of professional-level engineering or geoscience work experience in the new proposed scope under the direct supervision and control of a professional engineer or professional geoscientist.

Read about changing your DSOP


Members of APEGA may voluntarily cancel their licences if they no longer practice in Alberta. To cancel your licence, submit a voluntary cancellation form by email to [email protected]. You can also mail it to our Edmonton office. Previous payments will not be refunded or pro-rated.

If you want to reinstate your membership in the future, you will have to go through the membership reinstatement process. See the description below.

Download the Voluntary Cancellation of Membership Form (PDF)

Life Membership

Retiring members may qualify for life membership with APEGA if they have held active membership within Canada for at least 25 years, with the last 10 years with APEGA. Life members pay a permanently reduced rate of 25 per cent of the full dues.

Life members are also exempt from the Continuing Professional Development Program requirements and can keep their professional designation, although they will be non-practicing in Alberta. They can also continue to use APEGA member benefits. Once their status is changed they will be billed the reduced amount every year and must complete the annual declaration. They can request to resume practice if they decide to work again in Alberta. Should they decide to return to a practicing status, their membership dues would then increase to professional membership dues.

The forms for Life Membership can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

Maternity & Parental Leave

If you are currently on maternity or parental leave or starting maternity or parental leave, your dues can be reduced for up to two consecutive years for the same child. At your next annual renewal, you can request dues reduction in myAPEGA.

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If you are unable to meet the minimum CPD requirements for the current year, you will need to submit a request for Special Consideration to [email protected] in addition to the dues reduction request.

Download the Special Consideration Form (PDF)


Professional Members, Professional Licensees & Licensees

If your licence has been cancelled for more than seven years, you must apply for a new licence.

If your licence has been cancelled for less than seven years, either by APEGA or voluntarily by you, you must submit an application for reinstatement form and all required supporting documents. All completed reinstatement applications must be approved by APEGA Council.

Your reinstatement application is complete when:

  • the application form is filled out with all necessary information
  • all supporting documentation is attached
  • all required reference questionnaires have been received
  • the application fee has been paid

Download the application for reinstatement form (PDF)

Reinstatement Application Fee

You must pay a one-time, non-refundable reinstatement application fee of $411.60 ($392 plus GST of $19.60). Payment instructions are enclosed in the application form. This fee must be paid before the application can be processed.

This fee is not your annual membership dues. Your membership dues will be invoiced separately if Council approves your reinstatement application.

If you are a current, active professional member in another constituent association in Canada, use the inter-provincial mobility process.

Cancellation Due to CPD Program Non-Compliance

If APEGA cancelled your licence because you did not comply with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, please visit the CPD webpage for more information.

Member-in-Training Reinstatement

If you have voluntarily cancelled your registration as a Member in Training or it has been cancelled by APEGA due to non-payment of annual dues, you may be eligible to reinstate your membership. You can request to reinstate your Member in Training membership by submitting an MIT reinstatement form by email to [email protected]

There is no time limit for reinstating your membership. However, there is an 8 year time limit (total) on being an active member-in-training with APEGA. Once 8 years of active membership has been reached, you are unable to reinstate or extend your status as an MIT. You might be eligible to submit an application to register as a Professional Member.

Download the member-in-training reinstatement form (PDF)

Permit Holders

Company Changes

A permit holder can update its permit information with APEGA at any time by logging into myAPEGA. Login information for the company's myAPEGA account is available to the chief operating officer (COO) on file with APEGA, and additional individuals can be added as administrators.

Information that can be maintained in the myAPEGA company account includes:

  • administrators for the company's myAPEGA account
  • employees
  • Responsible Members
  • COO information
  • company name information
  • company contact information
  • company activities
  • human resources contact information
  • voluntary cancellation of a permit

myAPEGA will also provide the total number of members on file with APEGA, used in the calculation of permit dues, based on the permit dues model. This is for information purposes only. The finalized dues payment will not be required until the annual invoice is issued. 

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Voluntary Cancellations

A company can voluntarily cancel its Permit to Practice if it:

  • is no longer engaging in the practice of engineering or geoscience in Alberta
  • has merged or been acquired by another Permit Holder
  • has been dissolved and no longer exists

Any company that does not hold an active Permit to Practice can not use a reserved word within its company name, even if it is not engaging in engineering or geoscience work. More information can be found on the Right to Practise & Title page.

To request voluntary cancellation, submit a cancellation request in myAPEGA. APEGA will notify you once the cancellation has been processed. The company must return all permit certificates and stamps to APEGA.

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Involuntary Cancellations

APEGA will cancel a Permit to Practice if:

  • a discipline order exists requiring that the Permit to Practice be cancelled
  • the company has not paid its annual dues by its due date
  • the company does not have a designated Responsible Member
  • the company's Responsible Members have not attended the Permit to Practice seminar within five years
  • the company does not have a COO associated with the permit


Any company requesting a permit reinstatement will have to submit a new permit application form and proceed through the application process. If approved, the company can use the previously assigned permit holder number.

Two payments will have to be made to APEGA. The first is a non-refundable permit reinstatement fee. Once the reinstatement is approved, the calculation for outstanding dues will be made, and these must be paid before the permit holder will be issued the permit certificate.

The permit reinstatement process can take up to one month for processing.

Download the Permit to Practice application form (PDF)