Orders & Replacements

Cards, Certificates, Stamps, and Rings

Members and Permit Holders receive licence certificates, registrant cards (previously called member cards), rings, and stamps to identify their right to independent practice and right to use title. If your item is lost, damaged, or stolen, you can request a replacement.

Certificate frames Licence certificates Stamps Registrant cards Rings

You may also request a copy of the APEGA logo member variant to use on your business cards, letterhead, or other material. You must first provide a mockup or proof of how you intend to use the logo which complies with APEGA's logo use guidelines. 

Read APEGA logo use guidelines 

Licence Certificates

After becoming a Professional Member or Permit Holder with APEGA, you will receive a licence certificate displaying your registration. If this certificate is lost, damaged, or stolen, you can request a replacement for $20 (this includes GST). You should receive your replacement certificate within three to four months.

Members can purchase replacement licence certificates through myAPEGA. For permit holders, the chief operating officer and administrators with access to the myAPEGA company finance centre can purchase certificates.

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Registrant Cards

APEGA issues licence holders a registrant card (previously called a member card) upon their acceptance and upon their annual renewal. As of June 2021, this card is available online on your myAPEGA dashboard to be displayed, downloaded, or printed.

Physical cards are no longer issued. 

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APEGA license holders can request a stamp to authenticate documents. To prevent identity fraud, an APEGA member may only possess one of any given stamp type at a time. For example, a member may utilize a rubber stamp in both large and small sizes but could not possess two large rubber stamps.

Only practicing members in may possess stamps. The following member types can request professional stamps:

  • Professional member
  • Professional licensee
  • Licensee

To order an APEGA professional member stamp, please log into myAPEGA and look for Purchase Professional Member Stamp in the finance centre.  For further clarification, please email [email protected].

Order Professional Member Stamps on myAPEGA

Should you require a replacement for a damaged stamp, please mail the damaged stamp back to APEGA and purchase a new stamp on myAPEGA.

If you are no longer an active member of APEGA, please send any previously ordered stamps to our Edmonton Head Office for destruction.  

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
Attn: Stamp and Certificate Returns
1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB, T5J 4A2

Any electronic stamps should also be deleted.

If you are a Responsible Member and wish to order a Permit to Practice stamp you may do so directly through our vendor Royal Rubber Stamp & Sign Co.

Order Permit to Practice Stamps


APEGA does not issue nor administer the Iron and Earth rings. Should you need a replacement, please contact the people listed below.

Iron Rings

 Edmonton Calgary
General Inquiries Wing Choy, P.Eng., Camp 6, The Corporation of the Seven Wardens www.camp6ironring.ca Camp 18, The Corporation of the Seven Wardens camp18ironring.ca
Iron Ring Replacements David deJong, P.Eng., Camp 6, The Corporation of the Seven Wardens [email protected] Camp 18, The Corporation of the Seven Wardens camp18ironring.ca/ring-replacement/

Earth Rings

 Edmonton Calgary
General  Inquiries PS Warren Geological Society University of Alberta 780-492-3265 [email protected] Professor Charles M. Henderson, P.Geol., PhD, FRCGS Department of Geoscience University of Calgary 403-220-6170 [email protected]
 Professor Phillipe Erdmer, P.Geol. University of Alberta [email protected]  
Earth Ring Replacements Mark Katzeff Jewellers 10250 – 101 Street Edmonton 780-421-4367 Roberts Repair & Custom Designs 638 – 16th Avenue NW  Calgary, Alberta 403-289-8978
  Tany's Jewellery 740, 5111 Northland Drive NW 403-286-6643 [email protected]