APEGA Council Election 2021

Each year, an APEGA Council election is held. Voting is conducted online in the Member Self-Service Centre (MSSC) over 30 days in early spring so that all members have an equal opportunity to take part and have their voices heard.

Voting in the Election

You can vote in the APEGA Election if you are a member with an eligible membership type at the time of the election (see eligibility below).

Virtual Meeting Bylaw Vote

This year, the APEGA Council election ballot will include a second question. You will be asked to vote to approve an amendment to the APEGA bylaws that will authorize meetings of the Association (such as the annual general meeting) to be held in person, electronically, or as a combination of both.

See more about the bylaw vote


APEGA Election Process

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How to Vote

Voting in the 2021 APEGA Council election will be open from February 8 to March 11, 2021. You will cast your vote in the Member Self-Service Centre (MSSC), and only eligible voters will see the voting module.

One ballot, two questions

Each eligible licensed professional can only submit one ballot, which will include both your election candidate choices as well as your bylaw vote selection. Please be sure to complete both selections before submitting.

Voting opens February 8, 2021

Eligible to Vote

  • Life Members
  • Professional Members (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.Geol., or P.Geoph.)
  • Professional Licensees

Ineligible to Vote

  • Applicants
  • Exam Candidates or Students
  • Honorary Members
  • Licensees
  • Members-in-Training (E.I.T. or G.I.T.)
  • Provisional Licensees

What Council Can and Cannot Do

As Alberta's engineering and geoscience regulatory body, APEGA exists to protect the public. Through our self-regulatory structure, APEGA Council has been entrusted by the Government of Alberta to ensure our members fulfill that mandate—this added responsibility is what distinguishes APEGA Council from a typical board of directors.

Find out more about the scope and authority of APEGA Council

Council Nominations

To run for Council, you must be a member in good standing with an eligible membership type and able to commit to the duties of a Councillor and a three-year term. APEGA publishes the top-ranked Council needs online each year.

If you want to run for Council, you must complete the nomination form in the Member Self-Service Centre during the nomination period.