APEGA Council Election 2020

Each year, an APEGA Council election is held. Voting is conducted online in the Member Self-Service Centre (MSSC) over 30 days in early spring so that all members have an equal opportunity to take part and have their voices heard.

Over the past month, APEGA and many of our members and permit holders have changed the way we work, think, and above all, connect. This ability to adapt is one of our greatest contributions to the communities we support as we make our way forward.

On February 3, polls for APEGA Election 2020 opened. To ensure the election was fair and defensible, we used a third-party provider—Simply Voting—to collect and count the votes received. APEGA staff did not have any access to the voting process or the ballots. After the polls closed on March 5, we received the results from Simply Voting, contacted the candidates, and informed the public of the newly elected and re-elected representatives who would join our diverse Council during APEGA’s centennial year.

However, due to the public health emergency and the inability to gather publicly to read out the Election results at the annual general meeting as required under Bylaw 9(2), Council supports the certification provided by Simply Voting and confirms the integrity and security of the vote. Under Bylaw 11, Council has declared that the results of the 2020 annual election of nominees for Council are valid. For transparency, we are publicly releasing the 2020 APEGA Council Election Ballot Counting Committee Report.

We hope this information will hearten you that the Council that will steer us through this next year—and whatever it may hold for us—is the skilled and experienced Council that voters have chosen.

Thank you for taking part in the election and making your voices heard. As we make our way through this next year of self-regulation and ensuring public safety, we are stronger together.

Read the Ballot Counting Committee Report (PDF)  See the Results Certification Letter (PDF)

See all candidates who ran in the 2020 Council Election

Council Nominations

To run for Council, you must be a member in good standing with an eligible membership type and able to commit to the duties of a Councillor and a three-year term. APEGA publishes the top-ranked Council needs in the summer issue of The PEG each year.

If you want to run for Council, you must complete the nomination form in the Member Self-Service Centre during the nomination period, which will run in fall 2020. Exact dates will be announced in the summer.


Voting in the Election

You can vote in the APEGA Election if you are a member with an eligible membership type at the time of the election (see eligibility below). The election voting period will run for 30 days in the early spring of 2021.

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APEGA Election Process
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Eligible to Vote

  • Life Members
  • Professional Members (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.Geol., or P.Geoph.)
  • Professional Licensees

Ineligible to Vote

  • Applicants
  • Exam Candidates or Students
  • Honorary Members
  • Licensees
  • Members-in-Training (E.I.T. or G.I.T.)
  • Provisional Licensees