Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

APEGA is committed to promoting and encouraging a sustainable workforce that is innovative, diverse, and inclusive. We are proud of our diversity statement:

Encourage a business culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity for equity within the engineering and geoscience professions.

Individuals and organizations benefit from a diverse workforce. Research has shown that diverse and inclusive organizations:

  • have higher employee motivation and efficiency.
  • have better financial performance.
  • help employers attract and retain highly talented people.
  • have a better corporate reputation.

Current Initiatives

APEGA is proud to support diversity and inclusion within the professions through the following initiatives:

30-by-30 Goal

In 2010, APEGA set the 30-by-30 goal to increase the representation of women in the engineering and geoscience professions to 30 per cent by 2030. Engineers Canada adopted a modified version of the same goal in 2011. In 2017, we created the 30-by-30 strategic plan, and we will be developing annual action plans as well. 

Learn more about APEGA’s 30-by-30 initiatives

Research Projects

As part of our 30-by-30 goal, we lead research projects that examine workplace culture in engineering and geoscience industries to identify the barriers that women face, with the goal of providing policy suggestions to minimize the effects of these barriers.

Learn more about APEGA’s research projects

Women in APEGA Advisory Group

The Women in APEGA Advisory Group makes recommendations to APEGA on increasing the representation, engagement, and retention of women in engineering and geoscience to ensure the inclusivity and sustainability of the professions.

Learn more about the Women in APEGA Advisory Group

Get Involved

Do you want to join APEGA in supporting women, girls, and other traditionally underrepresented groups in engineering and geoscience? It’s easy to get involved with our goal of creating an inclusive and sustainable workforce:

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