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Programs and Courses Offered by RoboGarden for APEGA Members

Machine Learning and AI Program

AI & Machine Learning program overview

Machine Learning and AI Program by RoboGarden is designed for those interested in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. This program is delivered through 15-hours of online synchronous sessions, including a free 3-hour session called “Introduction to Python” that prepares the participants for the main course. The Micro-Credential main course is divided into 8 sessions, with each being 1.5 hours long. This comes in addition to the 1-hour free webinar that introduces participants to AI and the entire Micro-Credential course. Upon completion of the 15-hours of sessions, students will receive a certificate of completion granted by RoboGarden. Students will also maintain access to the RoboGarden platform for one year across all their devices. This program costs $199 CAD for each APEGA member.

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RoboGarden is an easy-to-understand game-based platform that teaches students how to code through active learning, while using artificial intelligence to develop its content. RoboGarden is based on a philosophy called “Learn to Earn”, which focuses on helping students develop the digital skills needed for the growing digital economy.

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RoboGarden & CUE Bootcamps

Get 25% discount on RoboGarden and University of Edmonton Courses

RoboGarden is also offering a 25% discount for APEGA members who are interested to join any of the two bootcamps offered in collaboration with Concordia University of Edmonton; Full Stack Development Bootcamp and Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp. Each of these two bootcamps require student commitment of 450 hours over 11 weeks. The first 8 weeks are set to be intensive learning weeks before the student reaches weeks 9 and 10, which are dedicated to completing a final project. During the final week, industry guest speakers will help to prepare students for employment and entrepreneurship.

RoboGarden and Concordia University of Edmonton are offering APEGA members a 25% discount for the bootcamps; each bootcamp would then cost $4,495 +GST per person instead of $5,995 +GST which is the price offered for the public.

Full Stack Web Development Course 

The Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp has been designed for people who are interested in website and application development, without having any prior programming experience. 

After completing this bootcamp, students will master the front-end and back end designs, and should be able to create their own multi-platform application and data-driven website. 

A full stack web developer can work on projects involving databases, build user-facing websites, or help clients with the planning of such projects.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course

The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp has been designed for people interested in programming, data analysis, and developing for automation. 

Without having any prior programming experience, students will learn programming skills that will allow them to get into the world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. 

Upon completion, students will be able to use data sources to make informed decisions that yield real improvements in growth, efficiency, and cost savings across all industry sectors.

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RoboGarden Online Synchronous Learning Experience

RoboGarden programs and courses are now offered 100% online through a synchronous learning experience, with live instructors and teaching assistants appearing via virtual classrooms. Students are provided with access to teaching staff 24/7, where they can seek help throughout their learning experience. No matter where students are or what their time zone is, they will always find an instructor or teaching assistant to support them in completing the program successfully.

RoboGarden strives to stay in touch with its present and graduated students to keep them updated with new technologies, methodologies, and opportunities. In addition to  helping to facilitate and encourage their continued professional development.

Graduated Students’ Reviews

“Since taking this bootcamp, I have more confidence in my data skills and abilities. Now I can confidently return to work and provide valuable insights on data and apply them to make smarter business decisions” – Sahar Gargary, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp Graduate and a Student in Web Development Essentials Micro Credential Course.
““I have learned so much about full stack. This bootcamp is so useful in multiple industries and has even given me the confidence and skills to start my own business” 
Obe Oghomne, Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp Graduate

This article is being provided by APEGA on behalf of  Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) and RoboGarden which has a group sponsorship agreement with regards to online professional development courses for our members.