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Tired eyes? You might need blue light glasses

Naturally found in sunlight, blue light regulates our sleepiness and alertness cycles. The sun produces significantly more blue light than electronic sources, but now more than ever we are exposed to artificial blue light from our devices.

Even after the sun has clocked out for the day, we are exposing ourselves to more blue light by catching up on our social media feeds, making it to the next level in our game, or working on an assignment to the early hours of the morning. The more time we spend on screens, the more blue light we expose ourselves to.

If the all-nighter working on your report, or those extra hours prepping for tomorrow’s board meeting was not enough to ruin your sleep cycle, blue light can still trick your body into believing it is still daytime, which may stop you from feeling fully sleepy, or mess with your sleep cycle for days to come.

The cool thing is, a blue light filter (a clear coating added to the lens of your glasses) helps reduce the amount of blue light reaching your eyes, which in turn may reduce eye strain and fatigue. This will make those longer stints in front of the screen more comfortable.

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