Return To Practice: Licensure Administration

APEGA's Practice Review Board (PRB) evaluates professional practice and competence to ensure the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta are upheld to the acceptable standard. In part, the PRB oversees licensure administration applications and processes, including making decisions and sending recommendations to Council for final decision on licensure applications.

Returning to Practice

Licensure administration activities include licensure changes and applications for existing and former APEGA licensed professionals.

This is limited to APEGA professional members, licensees, and professional licensees.

This page includes information on the review processes and requirements for licensure administration applications, and the practice restrictions, conditions, or both, that may be assigned to registrants upon approval.

For current or former APEGA member-in-training or life member changes, review the information on Member & Permit Holder Changes.

Application Fees

Please review the application criteria carefully to ensure you submit the correct application and fee payment. 

Application TypeFee

These prices do not include GST and are subject to change. Application fees are non-refundable.

An invoice will be issued to your myAPEGA account and payment can be made through the Finance Centre using credit card or Visa debit.

How to pay your application fees

The easiest and quickest way to pay is online! You can submit payment in the following ways.

Log in to myAPEGA and pay by credit card.

Visa, Mastercard, or American Express

Call 1-800-661-7020 and pay by credit card.

Visa, Mastercard, or American Express

Pay via online banking.

Payee: APEGA
Account number: your APEGA ID or Permit Number

Mail a cheque to APEGA Head Office in Edmonton.

Payable to APEGA, with your APEGA ID or Permit Number on the cheque

APEGA does not accept cash payments, and we cannot process credit card or debit payments at our offices.

Log in to myAPEGA

Resuming Practice

Looking to resume practice as an APEGA licensed professional after a declared period of non-practising?
All registrants must submit a Resume Practice application to change their non-practising status to practising if they intend to independently engage in engineering, geoscience, or both in the province of Alberta.

Resume Practice applications are subject to two different review streams, distinguished primarily on how long you spent as a non-practising APEGA registrant. Complete your application according to the requirements of each review stream. APEGA may request additional information during the review process.

Note: If choosing to declare or renew your non-practising status, please submit the applicable declaration in myAPEGA.

APEGA will not review applications until all required documents are received.

If you have any further questions about resuming practice, please contact [email protected].

Reinstate with APEGA

Are you a former APEGA licensed professional intending to practice engineering or geosciences in Alberta again?
If your lapse in licensure is less than seven years, you must submit a reinstatement application in order to independently practise engineering, geoscience, or both in Alberta. If you are currently registered to practise in another Canadian jurisdiction, please apply for licensure through the Inter-Provincial Mobility Application (IPMA).

Reinstatement applications are subject to two different review streams, distinguished primarily on the duration of your lapse in licensure. Please read through each section carefully and complete your application according to the requirements of each review stream. APEGA may request additional information during the review.

Note:If your lapse in licensure is longer than seven years, or you were cancelled for CPD non-compliance, you must apply for licensure through the registration process found on the Apply page.

  • If your lapse in APEGA licensure is less than two years but more than 90 days, you will be subject to an administrative review of your APEGA record history, including:

    Download the Reinstatement Application (PDF)

  • If you are applying for a reinstatement in this category, you will be subject to a more rigorous review of your APEGA record history, including:

    You must also submit a Work Experience Record as part of your application, detailing your work experience and professional development activities completed since lapse in licensure. Listed references will be contacted during the review process.

    Download the Reinstatement Application (PDF)  Download the Work Experience Record (.xlxs)

  • If your lapse in licensure is less than 90 days, you may be eligible for a one-time licence reactivation if you meet all criteria outlined below and pay a non-refundable administration fee.

    You must pay any outstanding annual dues attached to your record once your licence has been reactivated.

    Eligibility requirements for reactivation

    To reactivate your licence, you must meet all criteria listed:

    • you were previously registered with APEGA as a licensed professional (professional member, licensee, or professional licensee)
    • your cancellation is for one of the following reasons:
      • non-payment of annual dues (struck/non-payment)
      • resignation (voluntary cancellation)
      • failure to complete the mandatory section of the annual declaration
    • the length of cancellation did not exceed 90 days (your application must be submitted within 90 days of cancellation date)
    • you were compliant with the Continuing Professional Development Program requirements at the date of cancellation
    • you have not previously been approved for reactivation

    Download the Licence Reactivation Application (PDF)

    What happens if I am not approved for a licence reactivation?

    Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria noted above before applying for reactivation. You can review your membership history in myAPEGA to confirm details.

    If you apply and do not meet the required criteria for reactivation, you will be notified that your application has been denied and you will need to apply for reinstatement. 

APEGA will not review applications until all required documents are received.

If you have any further questions about reinstating, please contact [email protected].

Practice Restrictions and Conditions

In our commitment to public safety and authorized through the Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act, the Practice Review Board (PRB) or Council may apply restrictions, conditions, or both to a registrant upon approval of a licensure administration application. These restrictions and conditions remain in place until the registrant has completed the requirements and has successfully applied to the PRB to have them removed.

Registrants with practice restrictions will have a “Restricted” practising status with additional information provided in the APEGA Member and Permit Holder Directory Registrants with practice conditions will be reviewed annually to confirm their progress in satisfying the requirements. Below are typical conditions that may be applied upon approval of a resume-practice or reinstatement application.

  • One year of supervision under an APEGA licensed professional

    If you are required to work for one year under the supervision of a licensed professional, you will have a “Restricted” practising status in the member directory.

    Licensed professionals with a restricted status are not permitted to:

    • practise the professions independently
    • authenticate professional work products
    • act as a Responsible Member for a permit holder

    During this period, if your work involves developing professional work products (PWPs) requiring authentication, a licensed professional in good standing may authenticate the PWPs after conducting a thorough review and deeming them to be acceptable.

  • Ethics Course and Examination

    If you are assigned this condition, you are required to complete an ethics course or examination within a determined period of time. The ethics course must be from a recognized Canadian educational institution and equivalent to a three-credit, university-level course. 

    Continuing Professional Development Program Review

    If you are subject to a mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program review, you must submit all requested documentation relating to your CPD activities to ensure conformance to the CPD Program.

  • The Practice Review Board is responsible for removing practice restrictions and conditions placed on an APEGA registrant. Once you fulfil a practice restriction or condition, you must submit supporting documentation to demonstrate proof of completion and apply to have it removed. APEGA may request additional information.

    To have your practice restriction or condition removed, please send your inquiries to the Licensure Administration contact listed in your decision letter.


If you have any general questions or inquiries about returning to practice, please contact [email protected].