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The University Club at the University of Alberta

Logo for The University Club with an image of the club and the words Welcome to a new chapterThe University Club at the University of Alberta offers a variety of dining and function experiences for members and their guests. It hosts member-only events, provides free parking for members during designated hours, and offers reciprocal Club privileges and other member discounts. Come join the community and see what it's all about!

APEGA members from across the province are eligible to receive:

  • Free membership with the University Club of the U of A for their first year of membership from the time of joining.
  • 50% discount on the second year of membership, exclusive only to APEGA members.

History of the University Club

The Faculty Club at the University of Alberta was opened in 1964. It is administered and financed entirely by its members. An Executive Committee is elected by club members each year. This committee provides oversight and long-term planning for the Club. Daily operation of the Club is administered by a general manager, who is appointed by the Executive Committee.

In 2017, the Faculty Club changed the name to the University Club at the University of Alberta.  The Club now welcomes University of Alberta non-academic staff, alumni, and university-affiliated organizations into the membership. The University Club serves as a common meeting place for faculty from all disciplines across the university and nearby post-secondary institutions. Its goal is the promotion of friendship, fellowship, and intellectual association amongst faculty members, alumni, and all university members, new and old!

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