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Secondary Professional Liability Insurance


Your annual APEGA membership dues include coverage in the national Secondary Professional Liability Insurance Program (SPLIP). SPLIP protects individuals who are not consultants, if the individual is not an employer, principal, or another decision maker in a firm. SPLIP does not cover firms, corporations, public entities, or employers

SPLIP protects you if you:

  • are an employee for a non-consulting firm and perform professional services in the course of that employment
  • are between jobs, if your past employer does not continue professional liability insurance
  • incur legal expenses while reporting the professional misconduct of another member

This program includes coverage for prior acts, pollution, copyright or patent infringement, personal injury, estate, retirement, incidental consulting, whistle blowing, libel, and slander.

HUB Pro-Form Sinclair Professional provides this service as an Engineers Canada–negotiated benefit for APEGA.

This year Engineers Canada continued its partnership with XL Catlin in the delivery of the Secondary Professional Liability Insurance program on behalf of participating regulators. The program benefits engineers and geoscientists by providing coverage in situations not covered by primary insurance, and it also assists engineers in maintaining public safety through features such as whistleblower coverage.

Below is a series of short animated videos and improved web content. These are intended to provide a concise, “plain-speak” overview of the Secondary Professional Liability Insurance program’s features and benefits. 

Understanding SPLIP

Whistleblower coverage

How to Redeem

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