Fort McMurray Branch

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Fort McMurray Branch page, representing the Fort McMurray Regional APEGA members.

The Branch Executive team strive to be the members' voice to APEGA and APEGA's voice in our community.

We accomplish it by providing professional development opportunities, social events, networking to APEGA members.

We inspire future engineers and geoscientists by supporting educational events such as science nights and Science Olympics.  

Together we increase understanding and awareness of professionalism and ethics in the university outreach program to first-year engineering students at Keyano College.

We are part of the community; we are part of protecting our peoples and our community.

Branch Executive

The Branch Executives are members elected at the Annual General Meeting of each branch. They are governed by the Branch manual.

The following APEGA members are volunteering their time to be this year's Branch Executives.

Chair Abdalbast Ahmied, P.Eng.
Past-Chair Michael Oli, P.Eng.
Vice-Chair Bashir Ikhairia, P.Eng.
Treasurer Aamir Chaudhry, P.Eng.
Secretary Harsh Shah, P.Eng

Assile Abou Diab, P.Eng.
Toks Adebayo, P.Geo.
Mohammed-Ali Al-Zabidi, P.Eng.
Sean Campbell, P.Eng.
Robert Changirwa, P.Eng.
Aparna Gupta, E.I.T.
Syed Hussaini, P.Eng.
Abdul Omokanye, P.Eng.
Nilay Patel, P.Eng.
Qanita Yusuf, P.Eng.

Branch Statistics

As of January 2023, the Fort McMurray Branch has:

  • 18 Permit Holders
    • 17 Engineering Permit Holders
    • 1 Engineering and Geoscience Permit Holder
  • 1,204 Members
    • 967 Professional Members (16% Female)*
      • 936 Professional Engineers
      • 29 Professional Geoscientists
      • 2 Dual Designations
    • 237 Members-in-Training (27% Female)*
      • 219 Engineers-in-Training
      • 18 Geoscientists-in-Training

*APEGA aims to achieve 30% female professionals by 2030. Learn more about the 30 by 30 Initiative.

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In addition to the executive, the branch is supported by three APEGA staff members:

  • Director, Outreach and Product Services
  • Membership Manager
  • Amanda Hansen, Northern Alberta Branch Coordinator, who can be reached at [email protected]

Contact another APEGA department with other questions about your application or membership.


The following communities are part of the Fort McMurray Branch:

Chipewyan Lake

Fort Chipewyan
Fort MacKay

Fort McMurray
Imperial Mills
Mariana Lake
Mildred Lake
Pelican Portage

Tar Island
Wandering River