Introducing Permits on myAPEGA

Learn more about what to expect as a permit holder using the myAPEGA portal.


Please note: The Company Self-Service Centre (CSSC) portal has been replaced.

Users can now access their company accounts through their individual account on myAPEGA.

APEGA has updated and innovated its online services for members and permit holders. We have consolidated functions of the Member Self-Service Centre (MSSC) and the Company Self-Service Centre (CSSC) into a single services portal: myAPEGA.

On myAPEGA, every user accessing the company section needs a unique username and password.

What can I do on myAPEGA?

  • myAPEGA includes a new company dashboard to enable effective administration of permit-related tasks and obligations.
  • Notifications will be sent based on roles and permissions so the right people are informed when there are outstanding actions to be completed.
  • Permit holders will be able to easily add and remove members from their permit, update their Responsible Members, pay their annual permit dues, access receipts and invoices, and purchase additional certificates.
  • Important declarations will be completed online and submitted to APEGA electronically.

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Accessing Permit Holder Information

Are you a current or former member of APEGA and listed as the senior officer of an active permit?

You should automatically have access to the company account for this permit on myAPEGA.

Are you a non-member listed as the senior officer of an active permit?

You will need to create a myAPEGA account and link it to the permit using your existing Company Self-Service Centre (CSSC) password.

Do you need access to a permit account but are not the current senior officer?

Contact the senior officer and ask them to add you as a company administrator on myAPEGA. Once you are listed as an administrator, you will be able to access the company through your individual myAPEGA account.

If the senior officer listed on the account is out of date, please contact [email protected].

If you need assistance accessing your permit account on myAPEGA, please contact [email protected].

Navigating to the permit account

To navigate to a permit account from an individual myAPEGA account, use the View Roles button on the dashboard or find it in the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Adding Company Administrators 

myAPEGA allows permit holders to assign permissions to view specific information and complete certain tasks to individuals other than the senior officer. In myAPEGA under Company Information, use the Manage Permissions page to add new administrators for the permit.

If an administrator is a current or former APEGA member, you will need to use their APEGA ID to add them. Once added, they will be able to access the permit through their individual myAPEGA account. If they are not a current or former member, they will receive an email to create a myAPEGA account.

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