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RoboGarden Bootcamps and Programs

RoboGardenRoboGarden is offering a new program for APEGA members from which they will learn about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This program will act as a gateway for those interested in pursuing a career in data science, by introducing them to the basics of Python and popular Machine Learning libraries to process data. This program has been designed to engage students through a game-based learning platform. This platform includes built-in coding editors and compilers of Python, with intelligent hinting to aid students in applying learned knowledge and skills. The introductory Python course is complementary to APEGA members and the Machine Learning course is offered at $199.00 per person. 

RoboGarden is also proud to offer APEGA members a special 25% discount for bootcamp courses run in partnership with Concordia University of Edmonton. Together, they offer two bootcamps; Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp, and Machine Learning & AI Bootcamp. Each course would cost $4,495 +GST per person instead of $5,995 +GST, which is the price offered for the public.

Both the introductory Python and Machine Learning courses, as well as the bootcamps are developed to be accessible for those with varied technical backgrounds. There are no prerequisites needed to apply to any of these course offerings.

About RoboGarden

RoboGarden is an easy-to-understand game-based platform that teaches students how to code through active learning, while using artificial intelligence to develop its content. RoboGarden is based on a philosophy called “Learn to Earn”, which focuses on helping students develop the digital skills needed for the growing digital economy.

RoboGarden is now collaborating with numerous universities to deliver courses and bootcamps, such as Concordia University of Edmonton, Western Continuing Studies, and University of Calgary Continuing Education. The two bootcamps offered at a special discounted rate for APEGA members are in partnership with Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE). CUE has played an important role in Alberta’s educational history since 1921, and since then has evolved to become one of the city of Edmonton’s best small universities and professional degree granting institutions.

RoboGarden programs and bootcamps support the growth of professional developers and savvy entrepreneurs, establishing them with the knowledge and skills to meet the current and future technological demands.