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What You Can Expect From Resume Restoration

Resumes are rarely initially read, they are scanned.  

The format of your resume is critically important in having your application selected for interview. To leverage our understanding of this and to ensure you make a great first impression we utilize formatting to: 

  • Establish a pattern around how text is displayed 
  • Maximize readability  
  • Stand out in order to grab the hiring managers attention 
  • Strategically draw the readers eye to key qualifications and experience 
  • Entice the hiring manager to keep reading  
Resume Restoration

Resume Restoration is a team career transition and graphic design experts who specialize in writing and formatting professional resumes that reap powerful results. 

Visit resumerestoration.ca

Expert job market knowledge you can benefit from

How to Leverage Transferable Skills in a Flooded Market 

In a flooded market many job seekers choose to take advantage of a larger pool of job postings by casting a wider net and seeking opportunities where they can successfully leverage their transferable skills. 

For example, a Geoscientist may explore opportunities as a Project Manager, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Commercial Analyst, Strategy Analyst, Business Development Professional, Researcher or Geoscience Support in IT.  

Marketing Your Experience Effectively 

Your resume should indicate your accomplishments, not just your job duties. To acknowledge this is to start your experience bullet points with strong action verbs:

  • Executed
  • Launched
  • Facilitated
  • Formulated
  • Generated
  • Acquired
  • Implemented
  • Established

Services that improve your chances in your job search

Writing a Better Professional Profile

In recent years we have seen a significant shift take place and it is no longer recommended to include a Career Objective; rather, job seekers are encouraged to replace this with a Professional Profile. A professional profile is two-three sentences that speak to who you are, your strengths, highlighted experience and professional competencies.  

Interview Preparation

Choosing to prepare for an interview gives applicants a strategic advantage as it supports the ability to provide articulate, targeted and impactful responses. A successful interviewee understands the importance of concise responses that speak to relevant competencies, experience, examples and strengths. 

Example: When preparing your response for “What are your strengths?” ensure your response speaks to strengths that are relevant for the position or for the organization. If they are not, then modify your response to ensure you are leveraging your value-add.

Free resources you can use 

Resume Templates

It is not uncommon for a newly appointed job seeker to not have a resume. Click here for a free and easy to use resume template that facilitates the inclusion of the six best-practice components of a successful resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Profile
  • Highlighted Skills / Areas of Expertise
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications / Awards / Other

Common Interview Questions

Interviewers often asking candidates similar questions.

  • What is your desired career direction?
  • What do you anticipate would be the greatest challenge working in this specific role?
  • What is the toughest part of a job for you?
  • What type of manager do you work best with?