Good Standing for Permit Holders

Self-regulation relies on the commitment of permit holders to maintain good standing with APEGA. When you consider the important work of our professional engineers and geoscientists, you can understand why we need to hold ourselves to the highest standards and why the public deserves the reassurance that individuals and companies undertaking this work are in good standing with their regulator.

Permit holders can interpret good-standing requirements in several ways, as listed below.

Financial Obligations

financial-obligationsAPEGA requires that all permit holders fulfil their financial obligations on time and in full. These dues ensure the administrative and statutory structures needed to enable self-regulation are in place and can run smoothly.

Orders Served and Discharged

orders-dischargedFor self-regulation to work, there must be a mechanism to pursue complaints of unskilled or unethical practice. Where a complaint is found to have merit, it is followed by a hearing of the facts and arguments to ensure all positions are considered before judgement. The resulting decision may include orders or requirements that must be met. Unless and until these requirements have been addressed, the permit holder will not be in good standing and additional limitations will be imposed on its practice rights.

CPD Compliance

cpd-compliantWhile permit holders are not required to directly partake in continuing professional development (CPD), they do play an important role in ensuring the professional engineers and geoscientists that practice under their permit are competent to do so. Each permit must have at least one Responsible Member in each area of practice. Responsible Members must comply with the minimum mandatory requirements of the CPD Program and be in good standing with APEGA and the permit holder should ensure that all professionals including Responsible Members under their permit to practice are in good standing.

EGP Act Compliance

egp-compliantEvery professional engineer and geoscientist licensed to practice in Alberta is required to know and understand their legal and ethical obligations under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (EGP Act). In general, compliance is the state of conformity with regulatory requirements. This includes all provisions of the EGP Act and APEGA’s regulations, bylaws, practice standards, policies, and bulletins.

More specifically, permit holders are required to complete an annual declaration during permit renewal to ensure APEGA has full and accurate information about the company, the scope of practice, and the Responsible Members under the permit.

Frequently asked questions about good standing

  • If you would like confirmation that your permit is in good standing, please email your request to [email protected] and include your company name and APEGA permit number. APEGA will confirm your current standing by email. If your permit is not in good standing, the email will indicate the reasons, the steps required to return to good standing, and contact information for additional clarification or assistance.

  • Notification that a permit is not in good standing signals a cautionary period for APEGA to work with the permit holder to resolve any issues as efficiently as possible. During this period, it is still possible to practice under the permit. However, if you are unable to meet outlined regulatory obligations within the allotted time, additional consequences may be applied that will impact your permit. If this happens, APEGA will communicate the impact to your practice rights and your recourse to satisfy outstanding requirements.

  • The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act outlines APEGA’s obligation to allow any person to access a list of all the professional members, licensees, permit holders, and certificate holders in good standing. In addition to the information contained in APEGA’s Member and Permit Holder Directory, APEGA will provide good-standing status (and the reason a member or permit holder may not be in good standing, such as non-compliance with the Continuing Professional Development Program) to anyone who submits a request to [email protected].

    Next year, APEGA’s Member and Permit Holder Directory will be updated to include good-standing status for all members and permit holders.

All good standing requests must be received by email.

  • For information on whether a member is in good standing, please email [email protected].
  • For information on whether a permit holder is in good standing, please email [email protected].