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Shift Management Career and Leadership Coaching and Development

Small LogoShift Management offers career and transformational leadership coaching services to APEGA members and their spouses, for measurable and effective progress towards realizing professional and personal goals.

Our individual coaching is for members who want to:

  • increase calm and focus in their work
  • overcome procrastination and productivity blocks
  • build career road maps with direct and indirect links to engineering and geoscience competencies
  • regulate stress
  • improve communication skills
  • solve conflicts effectively
  • build more accountable teams
  • increase workplace joy

Quarterly Workshops, Boot Camps, and Courses

Two-day boot camps on managerial leadership (normally $800 per participant—APEGA members pay $640). Training details will be sent at the time of payment.

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Individual Coaching Services 1-2-1

As a Certified Conscious Emotional Freedom Techniques™ Practitioner (NeftTI.com) and Certified Emotional Success Coach™ (NeftTI.com), Dr. Marie Gervais provides APEGA members with gentle coaching strategies within a safe and personable environment. This science-backed framework uses a holistic approach to help members reach their desired coaching goals. Responsiveness to client emotional safety and progress at each person’s individual pace makes each session enjoyable and actionable.

Start with a tryout session of $157 (20 per cent discount) and move forward in coaching packages of three, six, and 12 months.

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Companies can purchase a number of coaching seats for the year to used on a rotating basis with several participants.

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Coaching Groups

For ongoing career or workplace communication support, members can take advantage of our cost-effective coaching groups.

Career Road Map Group Coaching Program

Looking to move from student to employed? Seeking a career road map? Transitioning to a new role or new employment? Join our eight-week Career Road Map group coaching program to learn general and specific ways to enhance your engineering- and geoscience-related career options.

  • Topics include:

    • accessing labour market trends and opportunities
    • competency-based job applications
    • effective online and in-person networking
    • interview preparation and debrief
    • cover letter tips
    • managing the discouragement and fatigue of job hunting
    • finding your first job as a professional
    • transitioning into related fields

    Monday 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Weekly online focused career-building sessions PLUS

    Wednesday 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.: Weekly office hours and Q&A sessions (send your questions in advance)

    Cost: $347

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Workplace Communications Group Sessions

Need some fresh tips and strategies for improving workplace communications, developing inclusive workplace competencies, and practising proven stress management techniques? Join our monthly workplace communications sessions to learn, practise, and bring your own insights. Build new networks and experience the power of a supportive and encouraging group of colleagues around you as you grow together.

  • Topics include:

    • self-awareness communication tools to use daily
    • understanding and regulating your own and others' emotions
    • working with difficult people
    • typical workplace communication and ethics dilemmas
    • managing procrastination effectively
    • stress-relief techniques
    • listening so people will talk; talking so people will listen

    Every second Thursday of the month, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., from October 6, 2022, to July 6, 2023.

      Cost: Usually $116 per month, APEGA members pay $47 per month (or $970 for 10 months)

      Yearly subscription has two bonuses:

      • Includes bonus three-hour Effective Workplace Communications self-study audio course with workbook
      • Includes 36 complimentary templates for workplace focus and productivity skill-building

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      Individual and Corporate Inquiries

      Email, call, or send a WhatsApp message:

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