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Shift Management Management Training and Career Coaching

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Shift Management offers interpersonal skill development webinars, workshops, leadership courses and coaching to APEGA members and their spouses at a discounted rate. Move towards your managerial or career goals with our measurable systems for growth.

We offer APEGA members:
  1. Quarterly free webinars
  2. Leadership development workshops
  3. Courses for project management and new manager development

Individual Coaching Services 1-2-1

As a Certified Conscious Emotional Freedom Techniques™ Practitioner (NeftTI.com) and Certified Emotional Success Coach™ (NeftTI.com), Dr. Marie Gervais provides APEGA members with gentle coaching strategies within a safe and personable environment. This science-backed framework uses a holistic approach to help members reach their desired coaching goals. Responsiveness to client emotional safety and progress at each person’s individual pace makes each session enjoyable and actionable.

Start with a tryout session of $157 (20 per cent discount) and move forward in coaching packages of three, six, and 12 months.

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Companies can purchase a number of coaching seats for the year to used on a rotating basis with several participants.

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