Permit to Practice Seminars

An APEGA Permit to Practice allows a company to practise engineering and/or geoscience in Alberta. Companies with a Permit to Practice must designate an APEGA professional member as the company Responsible Member. Responsible Members regulate the practices of engineering and geoscience within the company.

APEGA regularly holds Permit to Practice seminars to inform Responsible Members of their duties and of how to create a Professional Practice Management Plan.

Responsible Members must attend a Permit to Practice seminar within six months of the permit being issued and then at least once every five years.

Seminar Options

You can take the seminar in person or online. To attend in person, visit our event calendar to see the next available dates.


The online Permit to Practice seminar below is a PDF. It takes approximately 90 minutes to read. Be sure to also read the accompanying seminar handout.

After reading these documents, you must submit a declaration form confirming that you have taken the online version.


Download the seminar handout

Download the declaration form

Additional Resources

In addition to taking the seminar, you will want to read the following practice standard and guidelines to assist you in your role as a Responsible Member.