Professional Practice Management Plan

Practice Standard Enforced | May 1, 2023

The Professional Practice Management Plan practice standard, in effect as of May 1, 2022, is enforceable as of May 1, 2023. Failure to comply with the requirements is subject to disciplinary action.

Update: APEGA has published a new PPMP template for sole practitioners after identifying a need to further support sole practitioners in developing their required Professional Practice Management Plan. Permit holders should review and use the template that best meets their professional practice needs.

We strongly encourage all licensed professionals and permit holders to review the practice standard and additional resources provided below.

What is a Professional Practice Management Plan?

APEGA permit holders are required to develop and follow a Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) that is appropriate to their professional practice. The practice standard Professional Practice Management Plan outlines the detailed requirements for permit holders, licensed professionals, and Responsible Members to meet the intent of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and General Regulation to protect the public.

A PPMP describes the corporate policies, procedures, and systems used to ensure organizations and licensed professionals practising engineering, geoscience, or both, maintain appropriate standards of professional practice.
It is a management and communication tool that helps permit holders effectively plan, execute, and manage the quality control and assurance of their professional engineering or geoscience practices.

The PPMP practice standard addresses the following:

  • What a PPMP is and its purpose
  • Who is responsible for the PPMP
  • The nine (9) required parts of a PPMP

Download the PPMP Practice Standard (PDF)

Diagram showing that PPMP includes Policies, Procedures, and Systems

PPMP Quick Reference Guide

APEGA permit holders are required to develop and follow a Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) that is appropriate to their professional practice. This resource is a quick-reference guide to the required components of a PPMP.

Download the Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

PPMP Templates

APEGA has developed two templates that provide the structure to create a PPMP appropriate for your professional practice. This includes a general template that is suitable for all sizes of permit holders--from large multinational corporations to sole practitioners--and one specific to sole practitioners.

You may use the template that aligns with your professional practice structure to create your PPMP, and you must also meet the requirements in the Professional Practice Management Plan practice standard. The templates do not replace the practice standard.

Additional Practice Information:

The self-directed and webinar Permit to Practice Seminar will be updated to reflect the standard requirements.

Ensure you understand your professional obligations and requirements outlined in:


For general practice questions and guidance, please contact [email protected].