Professional Practice Management Plan

Practice Standard In Effect

The  Professional Practice Management Plan practice standard went into effect May 1, 2022, and following a one-year transition period, will be enforceable starting May 1, 2023. The practice standard replaces the 2013 Guideline for Professional Practice Management Plans (v1.4).

The practice standard underwent an administrative revision, taking effect November 1, 2022, to provide clarity on and detail who is required to sign the PPMP declaration. The additional resources have been updated to incorporate this small change.

The transition period is intended to give registrants the time to comply with the practice standard. During this period, registrants must educate themselves and make any changes or updates to their practice in order to comply with the new requirements. APEGA's focus is on educating our registrants so they understand and can implement the necessary changes prior to enforcement, at which point failure to comply is subject to disciplinary action.

We strongly encourage all licensed professionals and permit holders to review the practice standard and additional resources below. 

What is a Professional Practice Management Plan?

APEGA permit holders are required to develop and follow a Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) that is appropriate to their professional practice. The practice standard Professional Practice Management Plan outlines the detailed requirements for permit holders, licensed professionals, and Responsible Members to meet the intent of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act and General Regulation to protect the public.

A PPMP describes the corporate policies, procedures, and systems used to ensure organizations and licensed professionals practising engineering, geoscience, or both, maintain appropriate standards of professional practice.
It is a management and communication tool that helps permit holders effectively plan, execute, and manage the quality control and assurance of their professional engineering or geoscience practices.

The PPMP practice standard addresses the following:

  • What a PPMP is and its purpose
  • Who is responsible for the PPMP
  • The nine (9) required parts of a PPMP

Download the PPMP Practice Standard (PDF)

Diagram showing that PPMP includes Policies, Procedures, and Systems

PPMP Quick Reference Guide

APEGA permit holders are required to develop and follow a Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) that is appropriate to their professional practice. This resource is a quick-reference guide to the required components of a PPMP.

Download the Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

PPMP Template 

This template provides the structure for a PPMP regardless of whether it’s for a large multinational organization or a sole practitioner. You may use this template to create your PPMP, and you must also meet the requirements in the Professional Practice Management Plan practice standard. This template does not replace the practice standard.

Download the PPMP Template (.doc)

Additional Practice Information:

The self-directed and webinar Permit to Practice Seminar will be updated to reflect the standard requirements.

Ensure you understand your professional obligations and requirements outlined in:


For general practice questions and guidance, please contact [email protected].