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Member & Permit Holder Dues

Member and Permit Holder dues have gone up for 2017. Please read the 2017 Dues Increase page for more information.

It is important that Member and Permit Holders keep their information up to date with APEGA and pay their annual dues on time.


Annual Dues

APEGA will mail you an invoice 30 days before your anniversary date. You have 30 days from the date of the invoice to submit your full payment to APEGA. Payment can be made at the Calgary or Edmonton offices, online through the Member Self-Service Centre, or through online banking.  

Membership dues must be paid annually or APEGA will cancel your licence. 

Dues Reduction

Certain designations and situations are eligible for a dues reduction

Multiple Jurisdictions

Members practising in multiple jurisdictions can maintain their APEGA licence by paying their annual dues and completing their continuing professional development requirements.  

2017 Annual Dues

Members-in-Training and Examinees $180
Licensees $486
Professional Licensees $360
Professional Members $360
Life Members $90 (25% of Professional Member dues)

The above dues do not include GST and are subject to change. Please pay the amount on your invoice. Payments are non-refundable.

Permit Holders

Annual Dues

The base rate for Permit Holder dues is $500 plus GST. Permits to Practice must be renewed annually or APEGA will cancel the permit.

APEGA mails the chief operating officer (COO) a renewal package 30 days before the renewal date. This package includes:

  • a Permit to Practice report
  • blank change forms
  • an annual dues invoice

The COO must sign the Permit to Practice report and pay the annual dues. You can complete the renewal forms and make payment in the Company Self-Serve Centre. After receiving the forms and payment, APEGA will send the COO a receipt and acknowledgement letter.

If you have questions about your Permit to Practice, please contact our Permits Coordinator in our Edmonton office.

Dues Reduction

Permit Holders that gross less than $250,000 annually and employ only one Professional Engineer, Professional Geoscientist, or Professional Licensee may apply for a 50% reduction in their annual dues.

The COO must submit a dues reduction form with payment when renewing the Permit to Practice.

Reduction requests without payment or received after the due date will not be approved. APEGA does not accept pro-rated calculations.

2017 Dues Changes

Effective July 1, 2017, the new schedule begins for Permit Holders employing six or more Members. For those employing five or fewer Members, the effective date is a year later, July 1, 2018. Read more about these changes in the Permit Holder fact sheet that was released with this announcement.

Permit Holders will pay annual dues based on the number of Members they employ:

Permit Holder Dues = $500 x √# of Members Employed+ GST