Practice Standards & Guidelines

APEGA's professional practice standards and guidelines explain in detail the roles and responsibilities of professional members. They also inform the public about what to expect from APEGA professional members.

The Practice Standards Committee develops and publishes these documents with the support and input of APEGA staff and members.

The Committee and staff also help other regulatory bodies develop and revise codes, standards, and regulations that involve the practice of the professions.

More information about the Practice Standards Committee

If you have comments for the improvement of these documents, please contact the Director, Professional Practice at the Edmonton office.

NEW: Draft National Building Code—Alberta Edition Schedules: A task force was struck in late-2019 to recommend updates to the National Building Code—Alberta Edition Schedules. Want to provide your input? If you have experience using the schedules, review the draft and direct your comments to [email protected]. Your effort goes a long way to ensuring your professional peers are working with the most up-to-date tools.

Download the draft schedules (PDF)

Professional Practice Standards

A professional practice standard sets a minimum standard of practice permit holders and members must comply with in their professional practice. APEGA’s statutory boards will assess a permit holder's or licensed professional’s practice and conduct against practice standards.

Updates to the Authentication Standard

In 2019, the Authentication Standard Subject Matter Panel updated APEGA's Authenticating Professional Documents practice standard to improve definitions and add clarity. APEGA is offering members and the public the chance to learn more about these changes, through an online eLearning course, a video series, and printable reference sheets.

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Completion and Assurance of Wetland Science, Design, and Engineering Work in Alberta

Professional Practice Guidelines

A professional practice guideline advises permit holders and members in their professional practice and recommends best practices. APEGA’s statutory boards may assess a permit holder's or licensed professional’s practice and conduct against practice guidelines.

Please note: We have removed the 2005 Guideline for Human Rights Issues in Professional Practice because this topic is now addressed in other legislation, such as the Alberta Human Rights Act.