Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act

The Government of Alberta uses self-governance to regulate the engineering and geoscience professions. This means that professional engineers and geoscientists, instead of a government organization, regulate the professions.

It is through the Engineering and Geoscience Professions (EGP) Act that the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) was created. APEGA is the regulator that makes sure engineering and geoscience professionals in Alberta carry out their work according to the requirements in the Act.

Code of Ethics

Permit holders, licensed professionals, and members-in-training must adhere to the Code of Ethics. Although all the rules of conduct are important, protecting the public interest is paramount. The Code of Ethics Schedule in the General Regulation lists the following preamble and rules of conduct.

Professional engineers and geoscientists shall recognize that professional ethics is founded upon integrity, competence, dignity, and devotion to service. This concept shall guide their conduct at all times.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Professional engineers and geoscientists shall, in their areas of practice, hold paramount the health, safety,
    and welfare of the public and have regard for the environment.
  2. Professional engineers and geoscientists shall undertake only work that they are competent to perform
    by virtue of their training and experience.
  3. Professional engineers and geoscientists shall conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, fairness, and
    objectivity in their professional activities.
  4. Professional engineers and geoscientists shall comply with applicable statutes, regulations, and bylaws
    in their professional practices.
  5. Professional engineers and geoscientists shall uphold and enhance the honour, dignity, and reputation
    of their professions and, thus, the ability of the professions to serve the public interest.

Additional Resources

In addition to the Code of Ethics, read the Ethical Practice guideline to ensure you recognize and understand your ethical responsibilities.

All APEGA practice publications can be found on the Practice Standards, Bulletins, and Guidelines page.