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Councillor Skills & Experience

Characteristics of a Great Councillor

APEGA surveyed Councillors to find out which attributes make a successful and effective Councillor. The more of these that apply to you, the better suited you are for the job.

  • Experience in professional practice
  • Basic understanding of the principles behind professional regulation
  • Familiarity with board management and governance
  • Balanced perspective and problem-solving attitude
  • Particular knowledge of important issues or underrepresented groups
  • Strong champion of professionalism and of APEGA
  • Track record as a contributor
  • Willing to commit time to APEGA

Valuable Experience to Have as a Councillor

Council and APEGA's Nominating Committee have identified the top needs for Council. You don't have to meet all these criteria — or any of them — to run in the election. This is simply meant as a guide to what the Nominating Committee is looking for when it arrives at its endorsements.

  • Governance experience
  • Business and organizational experience
  • APEGA/ASET experience
  • Risk management understanding
  • Regulatory experience
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Work experience (minimum 10 years)
  • Policy experience — public or not-for-profit organization
  • Financial literacy
  • CEO or other senior management experience
  • Professional discipline diversity — e.g., academic, industry, government

In addition to the above, you ideally possess the following skills and experience:

  • leadership
  • public speaking
  • organizational management
  • committee leadership

Characteristics of a Great President-Elect (1st Vice-President)

  • Recognized as a leader within the professions
  • Track record of participating with APEGA or technical societies, or executive-level experience in professional practice
  • Skilled leader – visionary, effective communicator, internal consensus builder, external diplomat
  • Familiar with board and management governance, as well as forming and implementing policy and strategy
  • Passionate champion of professionalism and of APEGA
  • Energy and enthusiasm to do the work of Council
  • Willing and able to commit significant time to APEGA (with the support of family and the backing of employer)