Councillor Skills & Experience | APEGA

Councillor Skills & Experience

Top Councillor Attributes

APEGA surveyed Councillors to find out which attributes make a successful and effective Councillor. The more of these that apply to you, the better suited you are for the job.

  1. You believe in and support the APEGA Mission.
  2. You are collegial, with strong interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  3. You’re available. APEGA estimates the time commitment for a Councillor at 20 work days a year.
  4. You have passion for the job and you’re committed to do it well.
  5. You’re motivated.
  6. You have vision.
  7. You use discretion.

Top Council Needs

The following types of experience are top needs for Council:

  1. business and organizational experience
  2. governance
  3. risk management understanding
  4. familiarity with APEGA or ASET
  5. financial literacy
  6. regulatory
  7. varied experience and background
  8. strategic planning
  9. work experience (minimum 10 years)

In addition to the above, you ideally possess the following skills and experience:

  • leadership
  • public speaking
  • organizational management
  • committee leadership

Characteristics of a Great Councillor

  • Experience in professional practice
  • Basic understanding of the principles behind professional regulation
  • Familiarity with board and management governance
  • Balanced perspective and problem-solving attitude
  • Particular knowledge of important issues or under-represented groups
  • Strong champion of professionalism and of APEGA
  • Track record as a contributor
  • Willing to commit time to APEGA

Characteristics of a Great President-Elect (1st Vice-President)

  • Recognized as a leader within the professions
  • Track record of participating with APEGA or technical societies, or executive-level experience in professional practice
  • Skilled leader – visionary, effective communicator, internal consensus builder, external diplomat
  • Familiar with board and management governance, as well as forming and implementing policy and strategy
  • Passionate champion of professionalism and of APEGA
  • Energy and enthusiasm to do the work of Council
  • Willing and able to commit significant time to APEGA (with the support of family and the backing of employer)