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APEGA 2019 Council Election

Votes Received for the 2019 APEGA Election

Voting has Closed

Thank you to everyone who logged in to cast their vote for the 2019 APEGA Council! 

Check back soon for the results of the election

Each year, an APEGA Council election is held. Voting is conducted online over 30 days in early spring so that all members have an equal opportunity to take part and have their voices heard. 

Everything you do as a professional member is informed by a council that oversees the APEGA professions. Council is a critical element in maintaining and enhancing self-regulation, and your vote demonstrates that you want the right people make decisions on your behalf.

Positions Up for Election in 2019

President - 3 Candidates

There are 3 candidates for President running in the 2019 APEGA Election. You have 1 vote for President.

  • The candidate with the most votes becomes President-Elect in 2019, then President in 2020
  • The candidate with the second-most votes becomes Vice-President in 2019, for one year

Council - 10 Candidates

There are 10 candidates running in the 2019 APEGA Election for 4 seats on Council. You have up to 4 votes for Council.

  • The 4 candidates with the most votes each become a Councillor in 2019, for a three year term.

Voting Eligibility

You can vote in the APEGA Election if you are a member in good standing with an eligible membership type at the time of the election. The ballot will be accessible from the Member Self-Service Centre once the election is open.

A member in good standing has:

  • no outstanding financial obligations to APEGA
  • no current APEGA-imposed sanctions or suspensions
  • no outstanding CPD hours

Eligible to Vote

  • Life Members
  • Professional Members (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.Geol., or P.Geoph.)
  • Professional Licensees

Ineligible to Vote

  • Applicants
  • Exam Candidates or Students
  • Honorary Members
  • Licensees
  • Members-in-Training (E.I.T. or G.I.T.)
  • Provisional Licensees
APEGA 2019 Election infographic thumbnail

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Council's Role

APEGA's council is made up of 16 professional members—elected by you and other voting members—and 3 public members appointed by the Government of Alberta. Their role is to "manage and conduct the business and affairs of the Association" (Section 12(2) of the EGP Act), to:

  • develop and drive APEGA's strategic direction
  • provide ongoing oversight of APEGA's function and activities
  • ensure responsible use of resources to effectively execute APEGA's strategic plan
  • make decisions that affect the professions and the membership
  • provide financial oversight

Election Candidate Campaigning Standard

Council election candidates have expectations they must follow while they are interacting with APEGA stakeholders and the public in person and electronically. This standard applies to all candidates (Executive and Council) in the annual APEGA Council election.

Read the Election Candidate Campaigning Standard (PDF)