Dues Reduction | APEGA

Dues Reduction

Members can request a reduction to their APEGA membership dues. If you qualify, you will pay 25% (75% reduction) of your annual dues plus GST.

To apply, complete the application form on the reverse side of your membership-dues invoice. Mark the category that applies to you, and return the invoice with your payment and supporting documents on or before the due date. 

Applications without payment or received after the due date will not be approved. APEGA does not accept pro-rated calculations.

For more information, email finance@apega.ca.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive a reduction in your annual dues, you must meet one of the below requirements. Licensees or Members who are asked to complete exams by APEGA are not eligible. 

Canadian Armed Forces

You are an active member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and you hold a Professional Engineering or Professional Geoscience membership in at least one Canadian jurisdiction other than Alberta. Qualifying Members will pay a flat rate of $30 plus GST and are not eligible for any further dues reduction.

Health or Disability

You are currently unemployed due to ill health or disability. You must submit a doctor's note confirming the seriousness and expected length of your illness or disability and a non-practising declaration with your request. 

Life Member

You wish to become a Life Member of APEGA. Life Members retain all of the obligations, duties, and privileges of professional membership. Life Members cannot be Responsible Members for Permits to Practice. To request the Life Member designation, you must be retired from practising your profession and have been a Professional Member of APEGA for a minimum of 25 years or had 25 years of membership consisting of at least the last 10 years as a Professional Member with APEGA and the remaining years as a member of an APEGA-recognized professional association.

As part of your request, you must submit a non-practising declaration.

Maternity or Parental Leave

You are currently on maternity or parental leave. Your dues will be reduced for one year. You must submit the CPD Special Consideration Form

Post-Secondary Student

You are currently attending a full-time, post-graduate program in engineering, geology, geophysics, science, business, or an undergraduate program in education. You must not be employed full-time or practising your profession. You must provide proof of enrolment in the academic program each time you make a request for a reduction in your dues.


You are currently unemployed and actively seeking work. Your dues will be reduced for a maximum of one year. You may make a request for a dues reduction once every three years.