Candidate for Councillor, Jeffrey Priest, P.Eng.

Jeffrey Priest

Candidate Overview

  • Professor with more than 20 years’ experience in Canada and the U.K., developing and teaching civil engineering courses at all post-secondary levels
  • Award-winning researcher (Canada Research Chair in Geomechanics of Gas Hydrates) providing experiential training and leadership to highly qualified engineers (>50) through advanced research practices
  • Dedicated professional serving engineering and geoscience, including student outreach, APEGA Board of Examiners (2019–), Canadian Geotechnical Society (2014–), U.K. Institute of Civil Engineers (2004–2013)

Personal Statement

 am proud to be a professional civil engineer with APEGA. Over the last 30 years, starting as a building tradesman, becoming a research scientist responsible for developing innovative research, through to being an educator and administrator within post-secondary education, I have a unique experience that sets me up for success as a potential councillor for APEGA.

The first 20 years of my working career was based in the U.K. before I emigrated to Canada to work at the University of Calgary as a professor in the department of civil engineering. I am fully aware of the importance of enhancing the relationship between industry and education, for example providing students with experiential hands-on learning that complements and enhances their technical skills.

However, I am also acutely aware that in today’s ever-changing world, new technologies and processes, including globalization of engineering training, will bring challenges to ensure the highest standards of competencies in APEGA members. My extensive experience and leadership in engineering education, and volunteer work in the U.K. and with APEGA, ensure I have the right mix of skills to support APEGA in adapting to the new challenges that may arise while maintaining excellence in regulatory oversight. 

Candidate Resume

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Jeffrey Priest Resume

Get to Know the Candidate in Four Questions

What does self-regulation mean to you as a member of APEGA? 

As a registered engineer who is actively involved in providing engineering education, I am acutely aware of the need for engineers to be suitably trained. I am immensely proud to be a member of APEGA, knowing that as a self-regulatory association it guarantees that engineers and geoscientists who wish to practise in Alberta are suitably qualified to carry out their work to the highest ethical and professional standard to ensure the safety of the public.

What would you bring to Council?

With more than 20 years of experience as a researcher, educator, and leader, I bring a wealth of experience of being an innovative thinker. This will be invaluable in supporting APEGA as it develops and reshapes itself to maintain engineering and geoscience excellence in the future and ensure the continuing support of its members and the trust of Albertans. 

As the regulator of engineering and geoscience, what challenges does APEGA face?

APEGA faces many challenges that arise through a rapidly changing world, where new technologies used by engineers and geoscientists will require historic disciplines to increasingly overlap. The growing mobility of engineers and geoscientists will bring different perspectives and skills to Alberta. APEGA must continue to be innovative in developing and reviewing regulations and bylaws that exemplify regulatory excellence, that are robust and responsive to the changes that arise, and continue to provide leadership in self-regulation.

What is the value of a professional licence with APEGA?

The professional licence issued by APEGA has immense value since it shows that the licensed engineer has the professional and technical skills to practise safely, along with the desired ethics to practise as an engineer or geoscientist within Alberta. The licence instils trust and confidence for the employer, and members of the public alike, that the practice of engineering or geoscience will uphold the highest standards of safety and ethical practice.

Video Statement

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