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Member & Permit Holder Changes

It is important that Member and Permit Holders keep their information up to date with APEGA and pay their annual dues on time.


Contact Information

If your contact or employer information has changed, please update your Member record in the Member Self-Service Centre. You will need your Member ID and account password. If you have forgotten those, you can contact APEGA.

Name Changes

If you have legally changed your name through marriage or a name change, you can request that your new name appear in our records by completing a name change form. There is no charge for this service.

You will need the following:

  • your Member number
  • a copy of your marriage certificate, legal name-change certificate, or birth certificate (if returning to your birth name)

You can email, mail or fax the information to Renee Collens at APEGA’s Calgary office.

Practice Status Changes

If you are a Professional Member or Licensee who is not practising engineering or geoscience, you can submit a non-practising form. This declaration is valid for one year from the date received and can be renewed for additional years. Non-practising Members must continue to pay their annual dues, but they are not required to maintain their continuing professional development hours.

Note: While non-practising, you can keep your current professional title; however, you are not allowed to independently practise engineering or geoscience or be a Responsible Member in Alberta.

Resuming Practice

If you are ready to resume your practice, you must first notify APEGA by submitting a resumption form to Members cannot resume practice until the Practice Review Board (PRB) has approved the request.

Cancellations & Retirements

Members of APEGA may voluntarily cancel their licence if they no longer practise in Alberta.

To cancel your licence, submit a voluntary cancellation form to our Calgary office or email Renee Collens, Membership Coordinator. Previous payments will not be refunded or pro-rated.

Retired Members (no longer practising) who wish to maintain their titles and benefits can do this by continuing to pay their annual dues. Retired Members may qualify for the Life Member category, which would reduce the annual dues by 75%.


Professional Members, Professional Licensees & Licensees

If your licence has been cancelled for seven years or longer, you must reapply for your licence.

If your licence has been cancelled for less than seven years, either voluntarily by you or by APEGA, you must submit a reinstatement form to

Reinstatement applications normally take from three to six months to process after completion. An application is considered complete when all references (where required) have been received, along with all other required supporting documentation. It is up to the applicant to ensure that references respond to APEGA’s request in a timely manner.

If you are a current, active professional member in another constituent association in Canada, use the inter-provincial mobility process.


If you voluntarily cancelled your licence or APEGA cancelled it for non-payment of dues less than 7 years ago, you can submit a Member-in-Training reinstatement form to our Calgary office.

Cancellation Because of CPD Program

If APEGA cancelled your licence because you did not comply with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, you must include a detailed activity record (DAR) for the past three years along with your reinstatement form.

If you can’t provide a DAR, you must submit a compliance declaration form that you will comply with the CPD program in the future.

Permit Holders

Company Changes

If any of the below information has changed, please update your company record in the Company Self-Serve Centre, where you will find the necessary forms. You will need your permit number and account password. If you have forgotten those, you can contact APEGA.

  • Scope of practice
  • Chief operating officer – you will need to submit a signed declaration form
  • Company name – you will need to submit a certificate of amendment from a corporate registry
  • Contact information
  • Responsible Members – APEGA must approve the new Responsible Members

If your permit-holding company is undergoing a merger or acquisition, contact the Permits Department by emailing or calling APEGA to ensure the proper permit is in place.


A company can voluntarily cancelled its Permit to Practice if it:

  • has been dissolved (includes sole practitioners who are no longer practising)
  • has merged with or been acquired by another Permit Holder
  • has changed its type of practice (engineering, geoscience, or both)
  • no longer practises engineering or geoscience in Alberta

You can cancel your Permit to Practice in the Company Self-Serve Centre. The cancellation form can be completed by the chief operating officer, Responsible Member, or an attorney acting on behalf of the company. Previous payments will not be refunded or pro-rated.

APEGA will notify you once we have approved your cancellation. Once approved, you must return all permit certificates, stamps, and seals to APEGA.

If the company will continue to operate but not practise engineering or geoscience, the company may need to change its name if it includes reserved titles.

Involuntary Cancellations

APEGA will cancel a Permit to Practice if a:

  • company has no identified Responsible Member
  • company has not submitted an annual renewal package and/or annual dues
  • company’s Responsible Member has not attended a Permit to Practice seminar.
  • discipline order requires the Permit to Practice to be cancelled


If your Permit to Practice was cancelled, and your company is now ready or eligible for reinstatement, complete a reinstatement form and submit to our Permits Coordinator in our Edmonton office.