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Fort McMurray Branch

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Fort McMurray Branch page, representing members in a place of innovation and creativity that thousands call home.

The Fort McMurray Branch is constantly working towards the career enhancement of its members and encouraging others to apply for APEGA licensure. We accomplish this through professional development and by continuing to enhance and promote the image of the professions in our community.

The Branch also engages K-12 students in science, technology, engineering, and math – encouraging them to consider careers in engineering and geoscience.

We also provide a university outreach program to first-year engineering students, which helps increase their understanding and awareness of professionalism and ethics.

Branch Executive

The Branch Executives are members elected at the Annual General Meeting of each branch. They are governed by the branch manual.

The following APEGA members are volunteering their time to be this year's Branch Executives.


Anuradha Ajay Ghosh, P.Eng.


Roya Iranitalab, P.Eng. 


Muhammad Numan, E.I.T.


Muhammad Waqas, E.I.T.


David Glenn, P.Eng.
Hayrapet Hambardzumyan, P.Eng.
Joseph Amalraj, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.)
Malcolm Edirisinghe, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Ormand Smith, P.Eng.
Siddarth Gautam, P.Eng.
Syed Hussaini, P.Eng.
Sanil Sivarajan, P.Geol.
Toks Adebayo, P.Geol.

Branch Statistics

As of January 2018, the Fort McMurray Branch has:

  • 22 Permit Holders
    • 20 Engineering Permit Holders
    • 1 Geoscience Permit Holder
    • 1 Engineering and Geoscience Permit Holder
  • 1,315 Members
    • 1,079 Professional Members
      • 1,058 Professional Engineers
      • 18 Professional Geoscientists
      • 3 Dual Designations
    • 236 Members-in-Training
      • 223 Engineers-in-Training
      • 13 Geoscientists-in-Training


The following communities are part of the Fort McMurray Branch:




Chipewyan Lake





Fort Chipewyan

Fort MacKay

Fort McMurray

Imperial Mills

Mariana Lake

Mildred Lake

Pelican Portage

Tar Island

Wandering River