Inter-Provincial Mobility for Professional Licensee (Limited Licensee)

If you are registered as a Professional Licensee (P.L.) or Limited Licensee with another Canadian engineering or geoscience regulator, which means you practice within a Defined Scope of Practice, you may qualify to apply for an Inter-Provincial Mobility Application (IPMA) to APEGA. Not all Canadian jurisdictions have an equivalent membership category to APEGA's P.L. designation, which means mobility applications for P.L. require additional review and scrutiny.

Registration of a P.L. through mobility is at the discretion of the APEGA Board of Examiners. As this is a limited license category with a defined scope of practice, APEGA will review the approved scope of practice to ensure it is appropriate for practice within Alberta. To be considered for registration, an applicant must have a scope of practice which involves the practice of engineering or geoscience, as defined in The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act.

Because some jurisdictions allow limited licenses to be granted to those with academic backgrounds which are not acceptable within Alberta, APEGA may conduct a review of a mobility applicant's academic background. Our assessment is to determine if there is a material deficiency in knowledge or technical ability which may pose a risk to the protection of the public within Alberta.

Before you create your myAPEGA account, you must verify that you are eligible to apply as an Interprovincial Mobility – Professional Licensee. Please complete the application form below and email to [email protected]. You will not be charged unless your scope has been approved first. 

Download the IPMA Form for Professional Licensee (Limited Licensee) (PDF)