Course Equivalents

The Board of Examiners may require you to take university courses to cover deficiencies in your academic program. These courses may be instead of or in addition to writing technical exams.

Some courses have limited seats available. If you advise the university that you need the course to fulfill an APEGA requirement, the university is usually accommodating.

After passing the course, submit an official transcript to APEGA. APEGA will update your academic assessment and send you a confirmation letter within 3 weeks.

If you failed the course, you will need to retake it, or you can take a technical exam.

Read about technical exams

If you want to take a course that you feel is equivalent to the Board of Examiner's requirements but it is not listed, you can ask APEGA if it qualifies. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information, and APEGA will let you know if that course is an acceptable equivalent.

  • the course code
  • the course name
  • the course description
  • the name of the university

Course Lists

The following table lists the courses available at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary that match APEGA's course equivalents. The syllabi and exams explain what the course and technical exams will cover. Engineering applicants must complete the requirements listed under Preliminary and Basic Studies and Complementary Studies, as well as the requirements specified for their specific discipline.


Syllabi & Exam Descriptions Course Equivalents (PDFs)
Chemical Engineering examsChemical Engineering courses
Civil Engineering exams Civil Engineering courses
Complementary Studies exams Complementary Studies courses
Computer Engineering exams Computer Engineering courses
Electrical Engineering examsElectrical Engineering courses
Engineering Physics exams Engineering Physics courses
Environmental Engineering exams Environmental Engineering courses
Geological Engineering exams Geological Engineering courses
Geomatics exams Geomatics courses
Industrial Engineering exams Industrial Engineering courses
Mechanical Engineering exams Mechanical Engineering courses
Metallurgical Engineering exams 

Metallurgical Engineering courses
Only available at the University of Alberta

Mining and Mineral Processing exams 

Mining and Mineral Processing courses
Only available at the University of Alberta

Petroleum Engineering exams Petroleum Engineering courses
Preliminary & Basic Studies examsPreliminary & Basic Studies courses
Software Engineering exams 


Software Engineering courses


Syllabi & Exam Descriptions Course Equivalents (PDFs)
Geology & Environmental Geoscience exams Geology & Environmental Geoscience courses
Geophysics exams 

Geophysics courses
Only available at the University of Calgary

Download the Geology Summary Evaluation Check Sheet