Pre-Graduate Degree Experience Credit

Applicants applying for a Professional Member or Licensee designation may receive work experience credit from the APEGA Board of Examiners for experience gained before completing their engineering undergraduate degree.

The APEGA Board of Examiners may give up to 12 months credit for engineering work obtained after the completion of two (2) years of acceptable post-secondary education in engineering or engineering technology. This experience may be at a technologist or professional level.

Pre-Graduate Experience Credit can only be credited once the applicant is academically qualified, however, the review for Pre-Graduate Experience Credit is separate the academic review.

For applicants that have previously submitted only a Confirmation of Graduation (i.e., CEAB Graduates), APEGA may request full transcripts that outline the co-op (or student internship) work experience.

Types of Pre-Graduate Work Experience Credit

There are two categories of pre-graduate experience:

  1. Co-op and internship programs
  2. Summer work or other work experience

Recording Work Experience

To request Pre-Graduate Experience Credit, applicants must complete and submit a Work Record Validator List (WRVL) record covering the period of their pre-graduate work experience. It must contain the following information:

- In the WRVL record validator section, provide the supervisor’s information

- In the WRVL record employment section, provide

  • The name of the employer
  • Dates work for that employer
  • Position title
  • The number of months of full-time & part-time experience
  • A brief overview of the engineering experience gained

- In the WRVL record reference section, provide the reference information. This can be the same as the validator information or different

Part-time experience that overlaps academic studies is typically not considered as acceptable experience.