Requesting Updates to Your Application

When you are ready to submit your updated application to the Board Of Examiners (BOE), you must submit the update within the time period given by the BOE to complete your outstanding requirements

Only submit your Request for Update if you have completed all the requirements set out in your decision letter. Any partial updates will not be processed.

To request an update, send the following items to [email protected]:

  • A completed Request for Update application form.
  • Payment of a non-refundable update fee of $225 + GST

Download the Request for Update form (PDF)

For your Request to Update, the only items that can be included in your request must be what was required by the BOE. For example:

  • Exam assessment updates based on passed exams or equivalent courses that were assigned
  • Relevant academic credentials gained after receiving the BOE's decision
  • Experience updates after completing exams or courses that were assigned
  • Experience updates for experience gained as required by the BOE

If the updated information provided does not match what has been requested by the BOE, your request will be declined without refund and you will be required to submit your Request for Update form again.