Provisional Licensee Designation

The Provisional Licensee designation is not one you can directly apply for and is only granted by the Board of Examiners to APEGA applicants who have satisfied all licensure requirements except demonstrating one year of competence to work in a Canadian context in engineering or geoscience. This requirement includes sufficient exposure to Canadian codes, standards, climate conditions, ethics, culture, workplace environment, and business practices.

Once you provide APEGA with evidence of one year of acceptable, referenced competence to work in a Canadian context, you will become registered as a Professional Engineer or Geoscientist.

You may not remain in the register as a Provisional Licensee for more than 2 years. APEGA Council may, in outstanding cases and at its discretion, extend this time to a maximum of 4 years.

While a Provisional Licensee, you may practise engineering or geoscience only under the supervision and control of someone who has appropriate training and experience in the same area of practice as you, and possesses one of the following designations:

  1. Professional Member
  2. Licensee (other than a Provisional Licensee)
  3. Professional Licensee.

Entitlements and Exemptions


As a Provisional Licensee, you are granted:


As a Provisional Licensee, you may not:


Provisional Licensees are required to pay annual membership dues. You will be billed upon enrollment and each subsequent year. Your membership may be struck for non-payment and will require review by the APEGA Council before reinstatement is possible.

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