Competency Self-Assessment Worksheet

APEGA uses competency-based assessments (CBA) for engineering applicants wishing to become Professional Engineers (P.Eng.) or Licensees. CBA enables applicants to demonstrate how their experience meets a competency by using specific examples of gained skills and activities. 

Engineering applicants applying for a P.Eng., regardless of where they gained their experience or received their undergraduate education, will use the CBA process. All geoscience applicants will use the Work Experience Record (WER) process.

Tracking your Experience

Before applying to become a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) or Licensee, applicants can use the Competency Based System Experience Tracking Tool. This tracking tool will allow applicants to enter up to ten (10) work records as they gain experience. Additionally, they can enter their references, validators and the contact information of these individuals for a future application. Applicants can also self-assess their competencies as they are gained.

The tracking tool is not used in the online Competency Based Assessment (CBA) System, however information can be copied and pasted into the online e-Forms once ready to apply. Also, there is no system generated report.

Additionally, applicants will need to save this document onto their desktop to continue filling it in and saving it.

Click here to download the Competency Based System Experience Tracking Tool

Completing the CSAW

You can only use the CSAW once per membership application. Review the CBA guide before starting the application.

The CSAW is a free worksheet and completing it is optional. However, it is highly recommended so applicants can compare their work experience competencies with those required by APEGA. To complete the CSAW, an application must already be started, and the applicant must have received their APEGA ID number.

The CSAW option will be available in the Online Application System of themyAPEGA portal. The worksheet lists 22 competencies that Professional Engineers and Licensees must have to meet APEGA's licensure requirements. For best results, applicants are encouraged to be candid and include all their work experience.

A printable summary of the results will appear in the applicant's myAPEGA after it is submitted it. The results will provide an average for each competency category with a comparison to APEGA's minimum requirements.

This is only a self-assessment. The results will not be used on any official APEGA form or application, nor will they affect an application. APEGA staff cannot view or access the form or results and will not review, advise, mentor, or comment on the results. The CSAW scores may differ from the official APEGA competency assessment. If applicants would like to use the text from their CSAW in their official application, this information should be savedinto a word document for later.

Click to download the CSAW Guide