Application for Membership is Deferred

If the Board of Examiners (BOE) decides that your application does not meet the academic or experience requirements, your application may be deferred. The BOE will make clear in your letter what you are missing. The BOE will also indicate the length of time you have to show progress or complete these requirements. Failure to show progress or complete requirements within the timeline will result in the withdrawal of your application.

If you need more information regarding your decision, please contact our Admissions team at [email protected].

Reasons for Deferral

Additional Experience Needed

If you have been assigned additional experience, your letter will tell you the nature, duration, and quality of the required experience. Once your assigned experience is complete, submit a request for update which shows your progress or completion of the requirement.

Read more about experience requirements by application type:

Examination Needed

If you have been assigned examinations, your letter will tell you which ones you will need to pass. Some examinations are to confirm the quality of your education, and others are assessments for courses that you need to complete in order to fill in gaps in your academic record.

Read about taking assigned exams

Getting Your Application Re-evaluated

If you want to have the BOE's decision about your application re-evaluated, you have two options:

If you feel that the BOE made an error, or if the process leading to the decision was unfair:

Submit a request for reconsideration

If there were missing qualifications in your initial application, and now you have all your documentation in order:

Submit a request for reassessment

Completing your Outstanding Requirements

If your application has been deferred and you have now fulfilled all of the requirements outlined in your decision letter, you are required to submit your completed update to APEGA. Your decision letter will include details on when updates need to be submitted.

Download the Request for Update form (PDF) Read about submitting a request for update