Apply to APEGA as a Member-in-Training

A Member in Training (M.I.T.) with APEGA is usually the first step in becoming a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) or Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.). An M.I.T. can be a recent graduate from a university degree program, an applicant with less than 48 months of engineering or geoscience experience, or a newcomer to Canada that would like their academics assessed before applying as a Licensee or Professional Member. 

Once enrolled as an M.I.T., individuals may practice engineering or geoscience in Alberta and gain experience towards the P.Eng. or P.Geo. license. An M.I.T. must work under the direct supervision of a Professional Engineering or Professional Geoscientist that has taken technical responsibility of their work. Restrictions on how an M.I.T. can use the title and designation are explained in the Right to Practice and Title.

There are two Member in Training designations: 

  • Engineer in Training (E.I.T.)
  • Geoscientist in Training (G.I.T.)

Starting from the date an applicant receives their decision letter, the Member in Training designation is only valid for eight (8) consecutive years. More information on time limits can be found in Division 4, Section 11 of the Engineering and Geoscience Professionals Act


Technical Responsibility: 

Taking technical responsibility could mean providing guidance on the applicant’s technical work and/or authenticating the work and/or conducting a detailed review of the applicant’s technical work.

If you have previously been an active M.I.T. with APEGA, you should reactivate your membership by completing the M.I.T. Reinstatement form on the Member & Permit Holder Changes page. You do not need to complete a new application.

If you have an engineering, geology or geophysics undergraduate degree and more than 48 months of engineering or geoscience experience, you should apply for a licence as a Professional Member or a Licensee.

Requirements for Member-in-Training Applicants

To become a member-in-training, you must meet the following criteria:


Engineering Applicants (E.I.T.s)


Geoscience Applicants (G.I.T.s)

Applicants who do not meet the academic requirements listed above may be academically qualified if their total academic qualifications (including post-secondary and post-graduate studies, exams, courses and experience) are acceptable to the Board of Examiners. Please view the course lists for engineering and geoscience course equivalents available from the University of Alberta and University of Calgary that match the APEGA's course equivalents. 

Starting your application with APEGA

Applicants must have graduated (conferred) from their university program to apply as a Member in Training. 

To apply as a Member in Training, applicants will have to:

  • Create an account through myAPEGA
  • Start the Online Application
  • Complete the Determine your Application Type questionnaire that will indicate the type of application being started

Create your myapega account

APEGA adheres to the privacy standards under the Personal Information Protection Act regarding the collection, disclosure, and the use of personal information. It is the applicant's responsibility to personally complete all components of the application. APEGA does not accept third-party submissions and will only answer questions from the applicant.


Application TypeFee
New applicants$175
M.I.T.s enrolled in another Canadian province or territory$100
Former M.I.T. requesting reinstatement
(in addition to regular annual dues)
M.I.T. Annual Dues$196

These prices do not include GST and are subject to change. Application fees are non-refundable.

How to Pay Your Application Fees

The easiest and quickest way to pay is online! Log into your myAPEGA portal to pay by:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

APEGA will only accept cheques from applicants wanted to pay in person. We do not accept cash payments, and we cannot process credit card or debit card payments at our offices. 

Document Submissions

There are multiple stages to the application process that have deadlines that must be met.

  1. Once an application is initiated in myAPEGA, applicants have ninety (90) days to complete all the twelve (12) steps of the Online Application System and submit the payment for the application. If these steps are not finished within the allotted time, the application is automatically deleted. 
  2. After the applicant has paid for their application (post-payment), they have ninety (90) days to provide any outstanding requirements. If the requirements are not provided within the allotted time, the application will be withdrawn. Application fees are non-refundable.
  3. Application processing starts when the application is assigned to a Registration staff member. Applicants have ninety (90) days to provide all the final documentation as per the provided instructions. Outstanding documentation can also be viewed in the Online Application System within the myAPEGA portal. The application will be withdrawn if the final documentation is not provided. Application fees are non-refundable.

How to Reduce Delays throughout the Application and Review Process

  • Applicant's full name and APEGA ID number are included with all documents and correspondence. 
  • The application includes all current phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses.
  • Check the application status in the myAPEGA portal to see if any information is outstanding.
  • Submit the outstanding documentation items as soon as possible

Member in Training applicants should include all academic records. Depending on the applicants' academic background this may include:

APEGA must receive all academic documents directly from your academic institution in an unopened envelope clearly marked with the institution's official seal or stamp. APEGA also accepts these documents through secure, digital distribution platforms.

APEGA does not accept:

  • in-house training certificates
  • published journals or papers
  • class or university ranks or distinctions

Applicants can check the status of their application or update contact information by logging into the myAPEGA portal. If any documents are missing, they will be listed as not received or incomplete.

If there are any questions, applicants can email our Registration Department at [email protected].

Log into the myAPEGA portal


Conferred Degree

Conferral or conferred means that the degree has been awarded officially.

A Transcript is a list of all post-secondary courses taken. It lists the grades and degree.

A Certificate of Graduation indicates the degree and the date of graduation. When transcripts do not list the date of graduation or degree, the applicant must request the Certificate of Graduation. 

Member in Training Process 

Application Submission

Applicants will start their application by visiting the myAPEGA portal, creating an account and completing the "Determine your Application Type" questionnaire. The applicant will then select the Application Category and Discipline and start their application. Once the application has been started the requirements may vary.

Processing by APEGA Staff

Once all the requirements have been submitted, an application is put into a queue to be assigned to a Registration staff member. Once assigned, the staff member will go through all the documents provided to make sure they are correct. During this stage, documentation may be sent back to the applicant for further information.


Review by APEGA Staff

After the initial staff member has finished with the application, they will send it a Professional Engineer or Geoscientist within the Registration team to start reviewing the documentation provided. During this step, the application may be sent back to the original staff member if more information is needed. 

Academic Review

The Academic Review looks at the applicant's provided education. For more information about what education needs to be provided, please review the Academic Documentation requirements. 

The APEGA Board of Examiners may require an applicant to write exams if they are not a graduate of an academic program that meets the below requirements:

  1. Is recognized by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (for engineering applicants only)
  2. Meets the requirements of the Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements (for geoscience applicants only)
  3. Is a related program the APEGA Board of Examiners considered to be equivalent

During this stage of the application, the application may be reviewed by multiple examiners.

Read about writing exams

Board of Examiners Decision

The APEGA Board of Examiners will make the final decision based on the information the applicant provided.


  • The APEGA Board of Examiners meets one per month, excluding July, and decides whether to approve, defer, or refuse licensure
  • APEGA Board of Examiners meeting dates are not available to the public
  • APEGA staff will not release decisions over the phone
  • The decision will be e-mailed by the end of the following month after the Board of Examiner meeting

Communicating with APEGA 

 As part of the APEGA mandate to public safety, APEGA uses a detailed and thorough review process for all applications. This process can vary depending on the application and the quality of information that is provided. APEGA provides the Estimated Length of Review for each application type.

APEGA knows that application delays can be frustrating. APEGA is committed to efficiency and high standards making every effort to process all applications in a timely manner.

APEGA fosters an environment of respect. APEGA ensures our communication is professional, prompt, and courteous. APEGA expects the same level of professional communication from those we serve. 

90-daysDocument Retention

APEGA is committed to the security of an applicant’s information.

Applicants have ninety (90) days to pay for and submit their application. If after ninety (90) days, the application was not completed and paid for, APEGA will destroy all electronic and physical records related to the application to protect the privacy and information of all applicants.  If documentation is submitted before the application is paid for and submitted, APEGA will destroy the provided documentation after one-hundred and twenty (120) days.

Once an application is submitted, all associated documents (such as transcripts, World Education Services Reports, Work Experience e-Forms, reference e-Forms, and validator e-Forms) become the property of APEGA and will not be returned to the applicant, a member, or any third party. This policy applies to originals, copies, and electronic documents.