Processing Applications to APEGA

How long your application will take to process depends on many factors, including receiving complete and correct documents for your:

  • academics
  • references
  • work experience

APEGA will not review your application until all complete documents are received.  The timeline for your application review will begin when your application is deemed administratively complete by staff, NOT when you started your application.

Once your complete information has been submitted, APEGA staff will contact you within 14 days with an introductory letter and a list of outstanding requirements (if any).

If APEGA contacts you for more information, or if any documents were incorrectly submitted, APEGA will pause your application until we receive the information. It is your responsibility, as the applicant, to be sure APEGA receives everything required to process your application.

Waiting for the submission of documentation from validators and references takes the longest amount of time for most applications.

If your academic program is CEAB accredited, the academic review step is much shorter. 

Time Frames by Application Type

Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.), and Licensee, including Request for Updates, Reconsiderations and Reassessments

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Academic AccreditationPost-Graduate Experience ClaimedEstimated Length of Review
CEABNoUp to 6 months
Non-CEABNoUp to 6 months
Not ApplicableYesUp to 6 months


Professional Licensee (P.L.(Eng.) or P.L.(Geo.))

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Professional Licensee applications typically take up to 6 months to review.

Member-in-Training (E.I.T or G.I.T.)

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Academic AccreditationPost-Graduate Experience ClaimedEstimated Length of Review
CEABNot Applicable5-10 business days
Non-CEABNot ApplicableUp to 6 months


Inter-Provincial Mobility Applications (IPMA)

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IPMAs can take up to 30 business days for a decision to be sent to the applicant.  Most IPMAs are processed under this timeline.

*IPMA applications for E.I.T.s and G.I.T.s, as well as Professional Licensees (Eng. & Geo.), may be subject to additional academic review, which may extend the time frame by up to 6 months.