Important Instructions to Complete Your Application for Member-in-Training 

Please follow these instructions and use the coupon code sent via email to complete your application for enrolment as a Member-in-Training and pay only the $40 + tax processing fee. (The regular application fee and first year’s dues will be waived.)

This coupon code expires on May 4th, 2021 at 11:59 PM. You must start your online application before this deadline to be eligible for the Member-in-Training: Ethics Workshop application type. Any applications started after May 4th, 2021 will be regular Member-in-Training applications and subject to standard fees. Once an application has been started, you have 90 days to complete it. 

1. Read the M.I.T. application information

Read though the information on Member-in-Training applications but note that you must correctly follow the instructions in this message, in order to have both the standard application fee and the first year’s dues will be waived. You will only be charged the processing fee if you follow these instructions.

Read the M.I.T. application information

2. Click the “Start Your Application” button

Select the “Member-In-Training: Ethics Workshop” application type to cause a box to appear to enter your coupon code. Skip to step 11 of these instructions.)

If you already have an APEGA ID from having previously enrolled in the APEGA Student Advantage Program, log in directly to start a new application from the left hand menu. If you do not know your password, use the Forgot Password process below the login information. 

New User Application    Existing User Login

3. Determine Your Application Type

Answer the application questions with the following answers.

1. Are you applying for an Inter-provincial Mobility application …

Select No.
(You cannot be registered or enrolled in any province if your degree has not yet been conferred.)

2. What is your educational background?

Select A completed Engineering or Geoscience degree
(Invitation to this event is based on the assumption that your degree will be conferred soon.)

Have you attended an APEGA Ethics Seminar and received a Coupon Code?

Select Yes

3. How many years of experience do you have?

Choose either 0, 1, 2 or 3

4. Are you a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada?

Select the appropriate answer for your citizenship status

5. Please select the organization you would like to apply for

Select Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta


Carefully read the declaration. Click Submit if you agree with the declaration.

4. Fill Out the Member-in-Training: Student Luncheon Application

On the next page, your application type should be Member-in-Training: Ethics Workshop. If any other application type appears, use your browser’s Back button and answer the questions again. Do not proceed with any other application type.

If the application type is correct, carefully read the application instructions and click Apply for Membership.

  1. Select your Application Category and Discipline.

  2. Enter your unique coupon code from the top of the email. Each code can only be used once.

  3. You must agree to the Consent statement to proceed with your application.

  4. Fill in the remaining boxes to complete setting up your APEGA account.

  5. Click Apply for Membership.

  6. A page will display your new APEGA ID number and an account verification email will be sent to the email address you provided

    Check your email and use the link in the email message to complete the account verification.

  7. Log in to the Member Self-Service Centre if you are not automatically logged in after verifying your account

  8. On the left-side menu, click Application Information and select Continue Application Submission.

  9. Proceed through all 12 steps of the Member-In-Training: Ethics Workshop application.

    Note: Work experience is not a requirement for a Member-in-Training application and that step may appear as a mostly blank page in the application. If so, click the “Save & Continue” button at the bottom of the page to proceed with the rest of the application.

  10. On the final step of the application, you must select a payment option for the $40 + tax processing fee.

  11. Click the final Submit Application button to submit your application to APEGA.

5. Send Your Transcripts to APEGA

You are responsible for ensuring a set of official transcripts are sent to APEGA from your university. Transcripts must be delivered to:

1500 Tower One 
10060 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton AB  T5J 4A2

Your enrolment will not be completed until APEGA has received confirmation that your degree has been awarded. Transcripts received that do not show the degree awarded are not acceptable.

University of Alberta

Log in to BearTracks to order your official transcript and have it sent to APEGA.

  • Select “Academics” from the left-hand menu. Under “My Academics” select “Transcript”
  • Under “Request Official Transcript” tab fill in the required information and submit.
  • Select Regular Mail. There is no need to pay for courier delivery.
  • Select to have the transcripts sent to APEGA after your Degree is Awarded

Log in to BearTracks

University of Calgary

Log in to the Student Centre to order your official transcript and have it sent to APEGA.

  • Under “Other Academics” left hand menu, select “Transcript Request Official.”
  • Select Regular Mail. There is no need to pay for courier delivery.
  • Select to have the transcripts sent to APEGA after your Degree Confer Date.

Log in to the Student Centre

Mount Royal University

Log in to MyMRU to order your official transcript and have it sent to APEGA.

  • Select My Program Tab
  • Under My Courses click View/Order transcripts
  • Click Request Official Transcript
  • Click Submit
  • Select to have the transcripts sent to APEGA after your Credential is Awarded

Log in to MyMRU

If you have difficulty submitting your online application, please contact the APEGA Registration Department at [email protected].