Inter-Provincial Mobility | APEGA

Inter-Provincial Mobility

If you are registered as Professional Engineer, Professional Geoscientist, Licensee (Professional Member who is a non-Canadian resident), or Member-in-Training in another Canadian jurisdiction and wish to work in Alberta for any duration, you must be licensed with APEGA. You can be licensed in multiple jurisdictions.

An inter-provincial mobility application streamlines the process of jurisdiction-to-jurisdiction licensure. It enables you to apply for the APEGA's equivalent designation without going through the full application process.

This application is available to Canadian and non-Canadian residents if they are already registered in another Canadian jurisdiction and wish to work in Alberta for any duration.

How to Apply

To apply, complete the online application and select Yes to the question “Are you looking to transfer your active membership from another Canadian province or territory to APEGA?”

An inter-provincial mobility application usually takes 3–5 business days to process.

For your application to be approved, you must:

  • already be a Professional Engineer, Professional Geoscientist, Licensee (non-resident Professional Member), or Member-in-Training
  • be of good character and reputation
  • be a practising member in good standing with your current association when you apply to APEGA
  • have paid your membership dues to your current association when you apply to APEGA
  • apply for the equivalent designation you currently possess
  • have completed the National Professional Practice Exam or have been a member in good standing for 10 consecutive years with your current association (this exception does not apply to Member-in-Training applicants)

Application Requirements

You will need the following information to apply:

  • your payment information
  • one of the following:
    • copy of your current home association ID
    • copy of an invoice of your annual dues
    • other official documentation from your home association showing that your membership is in good standing
  • your degree information (name of institute, degree title, year started, and year graduated)
  • restrictions on practice documentation
  • confirmation of exams (Engineers-in-Training only) prescribed by current association
  • confirmation of your current status if you hold a limited licence from your current association

Ineligible Applicants

APEGA will not approve your application if you are:

  • applying for a designation that is not equivalent with your current designation with your current association
  • a temporary licensee holder
  • a non-practising life member
  • a non-practising professional member