Salary Survey

APEGA's Salary Survey provides market data on current compensation and benefits for professional engineers and professional geoscientists in Alberta.

In 2020, 171 permit holders participated in the survey, representing 12,891 incumbents.

New to 2020

Based on feedback from our permit holders, we transitioned to the Mercer Job Family Library instead of using responsibility levels. In previous editions of the APEGA Salary Survey, the data did not distinguish between management roles and non-management roles. The transition to the Mercer Job Library enables the reporting of both role types, resulting in a better picture of industry compensation.

In addition, the industry categories used in the previous editions of the survey have been updated to a more comprehensive structure. Instead of using a list of 10 industries, the new list follows an industry hierarchy:

  • super sector – the largest industry sector
  • sector – the sectors within the super sectors
  • sub-sector – the sub-sectors within the sectors

2020 Salary Survey Results - Free Members' Report

The report contains:

  • regional compensation trends
  • employment trends
  • Mercer Job Family Library guide
  • base salary median values for engineering and geoscience
  • base salary by gender for engineering and geoscience

View the 2020 Salary Survey Members' Report (PDF)

Purchasing the 2020 Salary Survey Results

If your company did not participate in the Salary Survey, you can purchase a copy of the report and the Excel dataset using the order form below.

2020 Salary Survey Results Order Form

PDF report only

$750 + GST

PDF report + Excel dataset Consists of cash compensation report data in a tabular format for easy filtering.

$2,500 + GST

To purchase previous years’ Salary Surveys, please contact [email protected]

Why Participate in the Salary Survey?

Participation provides you with current market trends, enabling you to create competitive salary and compensation packages, thus reducing employee turnover.

Our salary data are company reported, not member reported, providing you with accurate and actionable information.

Unlike other salary surveys, ours is specific to engineering and geoscience professionals.

Participating companies receive free access to the full results:

  • Policies and Practices PDF
  • detailed compensation data by position and specialization
  • Mercer Job Family Library position list
  • results presentation webinar
  • access to custom reports using Mercer WIN online reporting tool