Joint Boards

The joint boards and committees of APEGA and the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) work together to manage the professional technologist (P.Tech.) designation. In particular, they define and agree on each professional technologist’s scope of practice so that the differences in the scopes of practice between a professional member (professional engineer or professional geoscientist) and a professional technologist are clear to other professionals and the public. Scopes of practice also clearly define limitations and for what each professional technologist is permitted to take responsibility.

APEGA-ASET joint boards and committees have similar names and functions as other APEGA boards and committees:

APEGA-ASET Joint Boards & Committees

APEGA-ASET Joint Board of Examiners
APEGA-ASET Joint Investigative Committee
APEGA-ASET Joint Practice Review Board
APEGA-ASET Joint Discipline Committee
APEGA-ASET Joint Appeal Board

APEGA Boards & Committees

Board of Examiners
Investigative Committee
Practice Review Board
Discipline Committee
Appeal Board

Professional technologists can practise engineering or geoscience independently, using established methods and specifications, such as existing codes and regulations. Professional technologists can also stamp and sign off on their own work when it is within their scope of practice, as per ASET's regulations.

Professional technologists are members of ASET, not APEGA. To learn more or register as a P.Tech., visit ASET.

Engineering and Geoscience Scopes of Practice