Draft Practice Standard: Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing

Due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, and as part of our role to protect the public welfare of Albertans, in-person sessions set up for the draft practice standard, Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing, have been cancelled. A limited number of webinar sessions will be available to register for, however, the information session material is available for review and feedback if unable to attend a session.

We strongly encourage our licensed professionals and permit holders to take the time to review the material on the website (below) and submit your feedback through the form and survey provided. Your participation is a vital step in the development of practice standards and is an important part of self-regulation.

Deadline to submit professional feedback and comments is July 24, 2020.

APEGA has introduced the draft practice standard, Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing, for membership feedback. The draft standard details the requirements APEGA licensed professionals and permit holders must comply with when outsourcing and relying on professional services provided by others.

APEGA is holding a limited number of information sessions, in addition to posting all materials online, for registrants to review and provide feedback on the draft standard. This is a valuable step in the practice standards development process; your participation is a vital component of self-regulation.

The material covers the professional obligations of APEGA licensed professionals and permit holders, when:

  • providing direct supervision and control
  • conducting a thorough review
  • relying on the work of others
    • within your permit to practice
    • outside your permit to practice (outsourcing)
  • outsourcing professional services
    • to APEGA licensed professionals or permit holders
    • to others who do not hold an APEGA license or permit to practice

We strongly encourage you to review the draft practice standard, videos, and infographics. Questions and comments on the draft standard should be submitted through the feedback form, and please fill in the survey to comment on the delivery of information (session, self-study). 

Submit Your Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to review the draft standard, the videos, and the infographics. Please submit your professional feedback through our online form and complete the short survey below. This information will be collected and presented to the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Panel for review prior to finalizing and submitting the draft to Council for final approval.

Deadline to submit your professional feedback and comments is July 24, 2020.

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