Draft Practice Standard: Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing


The deadline to submit feedback on the draft practice standard Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing has now passed. The feedback will be compiled and brought to the subject matter expert panel for consideration prior to its submission to APEGA Council for final approval. Thank you to all who provided their professional feedback. 


The draft standard details the requirements APEGA licensed professionals and permit holders must comply with when outsourcing and relying on professional services provided by others.

The draft standard and learning material (videos, infographics) is available online for registrants to review and strengthen their understanding of the proposed requirements. The material covers the professional obligations of APEGA licensed professionals and permit holders, when:

  • providing direct supervision and control
  • conducting a thorough review
  • relying on the work of others
    • within your permit to practice
    • outside your permit to practice (outsourcing)
  • outsourcing professional services
    • to APEGA licensed professionals or permit holders
    • to others who do not hold an APEGA license or permit to practice

We strongly encourage you to review the draft practice standard, videos, and infographics.