Draft Practice Standard: Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing

Due to the rapidly evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, and as part of our role to protect the public welfare of Albertans, the in-person and webinar information sessions set up for the draft practice standard Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing have been postponed until further notice. Information sessions are a vital step in the development of practice standards and are an important part of self-regulation. To ensure the integrity and quality of the standard development process is maintained, APEGA will reschedule the information sessions at a later date.

See more updates at apega.ca/covid-19.

APEGA has introduced the draft practice standard, Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing, for membership feedback. The draft standard details the requirements APEGA licensed professionals and permit holders must comply with when outsourcing and relying on professional services provided by others.

At the appropriate time, APEGA will hold information sessions as an opportunity for membership to provide feedback on the draft standard. This is a valuable step in the practice standards development process; your participation is a vital component of self-regulation.

These sessions will cover the professional obligations of APEGA licensed professionals and permit holders, when:

  • providing direct supervision and control
  • conducting a thorough review
  • relying on the work of others
    • within your permit to practice
    • outside your permit to practice
  • outsourcing professional services
    • to APEGA licensed professionals or permit holders
    • to others who do not hold an APEGA license or permit to practice

Please take a minute to review the draft practice standard, videos, and infographics, and then provide feedback by email at the address below.

Submit your feedback by email

Thank you for taking the time to review the draft standard, the videos, and the infographics.  Please submit your professional feedback to [email protected]. All feedback must be submitted by April 30, 2020.

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