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The History of the PEGThe PEG is the official publication of APEGA, published online for members and other stakeholders. A weekly electronic newsletter called the ePEG complements The PEG.

The PEG has been a fixture of APEGA since our earliest days. It has taken many forms, aligning itself with the information-consumption trends we have seen in our readership and the publishing industry as a whole. Created originally as a newsletter, it transitioned to a newspaper in 1969 and then to a glossy magazine in 2010. In 2017, as magazine publishing as a whole transitioned to a more digital world, The PEG ceased print production and became a totally digital magazine, but still with a layout reminiscent of a magazine.

In our centennial year, we are reimagining The PEG once again, this time as a section of the APEGA website, called yourPEG. It’s still in the early stages, but we’re proud of its progression and the initial feedback we’ve received has been positive.

yourPEG will continue to feature news and articles about things our members care about, such as:

  • APEGA's regulatory work on behalf of the public and members
  • APEGA's services and benefits that support members and their practices
  • APEGA's progress in meeting strategic goals set by APEGA Council
  • APEGA's members and their volunteering and professional successes

We hope you’ll join us for yourPEG. See some our latest articles below, and bookmark this page to stay current with our latest news and stories from the world of engineering and geoscience.

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  • A Beacon of Strength and Freedom

    Major Marie-Michèle Siu, P.Eng., CD, M.Sc., is an electrical engineer serving in the 3 Canadian Space Division (3 CSD) in the Canadian Armed Forces, contributing to our safety by improving and protecting Canada's global positioning systems.
  • A Quality Boardroom

    Ambiguity is a frequent and comfortable visitor in professional geoscientist Julia McElgunn's office. She’s spent the last 20 years poring through data to find underground oil and gas deposits, and one can never be flawlessly certain of what they'll find in the elusive caverns. She brings this quality to her role on the Calgary Minor Soccer Association Board, a position she found through Board Ready Women.
  • A Circular Social Service

    Shantanu Naikade, E.I.T., a decarbonization engineer-in-training at Shell working in agriculture and forestry, is a big supporter of circular economies—physically and socially.
  • The Backbone of Your Practice

    The Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) documents and defines how you practise engineering and geoscience. It provides the framework to articulate optimal standards and practices that are safe and ethical. The Professional Practice Management Plan practice standard came into effect on May 1, 2022, giving permit holders a year-long transition period to comply with the standard before enforcement begins on May 1, 2023. It addresses what a PPMP is, what its purpose is, and who is responsible for it. It also explains the nine parts of a PPMP in detail.
  • Lockstep to a Liquid Future

    Brothers Kim Kingsmith, P.Geol., and Kelly Kingsmith, P.Geo., have had a synchronous, decades-long professional run, leading the way in responsible fluid disposal and teaching others to do the same.

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