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The History of the PEGThe PEG is the official publication of APEGA, published online for members and other stakeholders. A weekly electronic newsletter called the ePEG complements The PEG.

The PEG has been a fixture of APEGA since our earliest days. It has taken many forms, aligning itself with the information-consumption trends we have seen in our readership and the publishing industry as a whole. Created originally as a newsletter, it transitioned to a newspaper in 1969 and then to a glossy magazine in 2010. In 2017, as magazine publishing as a whole transitioned to a more digital world, The PEG ceased print production and became a totally digital magazine, but still with a layout reminiscent of a magazine.

In our centennial year, we are reimagining The PEG once again, this time as a section of the APEGA website, called yourPEG. It’s still in the early stages, but we’re proud of its progression and the initial feedback we’ve received has been positive.

yourPEG will continue to feature news and articles about things our members care about, such as:

  • APEGA's regulatory work on behalf of the public and members
  • APEGA's services and benefits that support members and their practices
  • APEGA's progress in meeting strategic goals set by APEGA Council
  • APEGA's members and their volunteering and professional successes

We hope you’ll join us for yourPEG. See some our latest articles below, and bookmark this page to stay current with our latest news and stories from the world of engineering and geoscience.

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  • Staying Comfortable with Less

    Despite the frigid temperature outside his triple-pane windows, Frank Crawford, P.Eng., is warm behind the thick, insulated walls of the home he designed and built in 2015, one of the first in Alberta built to the international Passive House standard.
  • A Mainspring of Collaboration

    She slowly turns the watch over, then cajoles off the embossed backplate and then the base plate. Gears spring out untethered. "I couldn't think of a time when I didn't take things apart to understand them,'' explains Dr. Susan Hockfield, neuroscientist and the first-ever biologist and woman to serve as president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The ability to visualize things as components and systems that consort to make a greater whole enabled Dr. Hockfield to turn MIT into a collaboration supernova. At APEGA Nexus on June 7 and 8, she'll share how the combination of engineering and biology, along with some cooperation and innovation, can solve some of the world's greatest challenges.
  • Learn the Capability of the Collective at APEGA Nexus

    The teens gather in the middle of the ice, tossing their hockey sticks into a haphazard pile. One player slides sticks towards alternating nets and the owners follow. This age-old tradition determines the teams of the game—and, in part, inspired Dr. Jay Van Bavel’s future career. His wonderment at group behaviours led him to become a professor of psychology and neural science. Join him at APEGA Nexus on June 7–8 to learn why the success of the group is the ultimate goal.
  • To See the Brain Through the Forest

    Dr. Shimi Kang is lit by the sun streaming through the tall emerald tapestry of century-old Douglas fir. Walking through this ancient grove, she moves into a play mindset, an area she specializes in as part of her two-decade-long study of psychiatry and neuroscience. As a keynote speaker at APEGA Nexus on June 7–8, Dr. Kang will teach attendees how to harness the power of play to adapt and thrive.
  • Teamwork Reigns at APEGA’s Branch Science Olympics

    Students got a taste of real-world engineering on March 24 when they designed, built, and tested prosthetic legs at the eighth annual APEGA Science Olympics: Lloydminster. Students in grades one to 12 solved challenges demonstrating how engineering and geoscience impact our everyday lives, and volunteers fostered a love and understanding of the professions.

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