Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists Council with its oversight responsibility. The Committee monitors the financial health of APEGA and helps mitigate risk. 

The Audit Committee has a minimum of six positions that includes:

  • one public member with accredited financial training and/or relevant financial professional experience; if no public member is available, an expert will be consulted, as required
  • at least three Council members with financial literacy through accredited training and/or relevant professional experience
  • non-voting staff advisors, appointed by the Registrar & CEO; unless directed otherwise by the Registrar & CEO, this will be the Chief Financial & Corporate Officer (CFCO)


  • Review quarterly financial statements
  • Review annual financial statements, pensions, and investments
  • Review and make recommendations on:
    • risk management activities
    • internal control policies and practices
  • Review and recommend to Council the annual budget
  • Work with the external auditor and discuss recommendations with APEGA management