Internationally Trained Professionals: Continuing a Career in Canada

Canada is more than poutine and maple syrup. It’s a country where strangers greet each other with a friendly “hello” and it has a reputation of being overly apologetic. Safety, kindness, and opportunity also abound, making the country a popular destination for professionals looking to create the brightest possible future for their family.

Before an internationally trained applicant—someone who gained the relevant education and experience outside Canada—can gain a professional engineer (P.Eng.) or professional geoscientist (P.Geo.) designation in Alberta, they must understand the licensure requirements as outlined in the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act. This Act sets the minimum qualifications needed to become a professional engineer or geoscientist in the province.

“It’s my job to help support internationally trained engineers and geoscientists go through the registration process so they understand the licensure requirements, and I help provide guidance based on their qualifications,” explains Enayat Aminzadah, APEGA’s international qualifications officer.

Not only do regulations in Canada differ from those in other countries, but many engineering and geoscience professionals need to consider the impact of their work in the context of the Canadian work environment—including business practices and cold climate. Through APEGA’s Registration department, Aminzadah and his colleagues are dedicated to helping internationally trained applicants access all the tools and opportunities they need to complete their licensure requirements.

“One of the things that has worked well for some folks is relying on personal networks and connections they built to gain exposure to local experiences through employment, mentoring, or internship programs,” says Aminzadah.

Immigrant Experience Programs Can Help

There are programs that help immigrants find employment and exposure to local experience. Here are some options from Alberta’s two major cities:

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Enayat Aminzadah
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